Douglas Bay Horse Tramway suspended for 10 days

The Douglas Bay Horse Tramway has suspended all operations for 10 days after a number of the horses – “trammers” – were found to be experiencing a respiratory issue. This is said to be common infection amongst horses and is not fatal but can be transmitted between them. The decision was made by Isle of Man Railways on the advice of Ray Cox from Milan Vets on 10th May.

Action to contain the infection and to manage the recovery of the affected horses will now be taken in line with veterinary advice. It is not known where the infection originated and due to its nature this will be difficult to establish. The infection cannot be passed to humans.

Mr Cox, Clinical Director of Milan Vets, said: “The horses will be kept in the stables and will receive antibiotics. It is not unreasonable to expect the horses to be fully fit and back in action in the next 10 to 14 days.”

Ian Bates, Head of Public Transport Operations, added: “We understand this is disappointing news for our customers. However, the welfare of the horses always comes first. We are confident that the horses will make a full recovery and we will work with the vets to resume our services as soon as possible.”

Further updates will follow from Isle of Man Railways.

We wish all of the trammers well and hope they are feeling better soon!

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