Six becomes seven for May Day Bank Holiday Gold weekend in Blackpool

It only seems to have been a couple of weeks since the last Gold heritage tram weekend in Blackpool (probably because it was!) but with another Bank Holiday imminent, this weekend will see another intensive service operate. As a bonus not only will the standard six tram service run but a special seventh tram has been added on each day with the Illuminated Frigate in action on the Saturday and Monday and the Western Train on Sunday. And if all that wasn’t enough there is also a bonus heritage offering on Friday afternoon! Trams will operate from Friday 28th April to Monday 1st May.

Starting off on Friday 28th April a service will run during the afternoon (first departure at 1340 from Pleasure Beach) mainly between Pleasure Beach and North Pier/Tower with some services extended to Cabin. Then in the evening tours will run to Bispham, Thornton Gate and Fleetwood with the last tram arriving back at North Pier/Tower at 2045. Tram allocations for this extra service have not been announced.

After that weekend starter the main course commences as normal on Saturday 29th April with the standard Gold timetable in service plus additional journeys being run by “tram G”. On Saturday this extra tram will run public services from 1242 at North Pier/Tower running a service to Fleetwood and back to Pleasure Beach before then operating two Pleasure Beach-Little Bispham and return journeys. Sunday 30th April and Monday 1st May will see an additional return service from Pleasure Beach to Little Bispham run at 1030 (with the 1242 departure then starting back from Pleasure Beach at 1230). It is planned that this extra service will be in the hands of illuminated trams with Frigate 736 due to run on Saturday 29th April and Monday 1st May and Western Train 733+734 on Sunday 30th April.

Thirteen other trams are scheduled to run over the three days with the Balloon Car once again dominating proceedings (but unless the weather warms up considerably any visitors to Blackpool will be grateful for the heaters!).

Allocations are as follows:

Saturday 29th April

A – Railcoach 680

B – Balloon 701

C – Balloon 700

D – Brush 631

E – Balloon 715

F – Bolton 66

G – Frigate 736

Sunday 30th April

A – Brush 631

B – Balloon 715

C – Balloon 711

D – Balloon 723

E – Centenary 648

F – Box 40

G – Western Train 733+734

Monday 1st May

A – Centenary 648

B – Balloon 717

C – Balloon 713

D – Balloon 701

E – Boat 600

F – Bolton 66

G – Frigate 736

As always the usual caveats apply and the tram allocations may change subject to availability and the weather.

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4 Responses to Six becomes seven for May Day Bank Holiday Gold weekend in Blackpool

  1. Dave Warner says:

    What more could anyone want! These tours and such a selection makes my mouth water!!Well done to Bryan and his team!

  2. Tony Blews says:

    So only 675+685, 711, 719 and 737 of the available ones won’t be out. Impressive!

  3. Tony Blews says:

    Oops misread it. 711 is out after all.

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