In Pictures: First UDE of 2017 at Crich

Saturday 8th April saw the first Ultimate Tram Driving Experience of the year at Crich with Liverpool 869 the tram chosen for the role. Alongside 869 a three car service operated – Chesterfield 7, Glasgow 22 and London County Council 106 – whilst Blackpool 167 was also out on the line running for Young Members Day. This small pictorial update shows the UTDE in action on the day; courtesy of the Crich Tramway Village.

Blackpool 167 and Liverpool 869 are seen on the depot fan. With Croydon Tramlink 058 out of the way in the workshop 869 takes up an unusual position on the centre siding.

A closer up view of 869 as it gets ready for use on the UTDE.

With L plates now in place 869 heads off onto the mainline passing Glasgow 22 in the process.

One final view of 869 just outside the depot entrance. (All Photographs courtesy of Crich Tramway Village)

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