Birkenhead to commemorate ending of Liverpool tram routes

The main heritage tram season may be rapidly approaching across the UK (with a few exceptions of course) but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening with another event set to take place at the Birkenhead Heritage Tramway. On Saturday 5th November the tramway will be commemorating the 60th anniversary of the ending of Liverpool tram routes 19 and 44 with a tram service in operation alongside other events.

It is hoped that the tram service will be operated by Liverpool trams 245 and 762 (normal fares will apply) and there will also be some preserved Liverpool Corporation buses visiting the Wirral. In addition there will be classic cars, a model railway, refreshments and pop music of the time. Anyone who turns up in a 1950s Teddy Boy outfit and DA haircut will qualify for a free tram ride.

The event takes place between 1100 and 1500 and if that isn’t enough for you in one day the evening will see a firework display on the River Mersey.

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6 Responses to Birkenhead to commemorate ending of Liverpool tram routes

  1. Phil Hart says:

    Anyone remember Liverpool trams running central reservation of the A580 (East Lancs Road) as far as the old ICI works and when this service stopped.

  2. Nigel Pennick says:

    Let’s hope the Teddy Boys don’t throw the tram’s lightbulbs out of the windows at passers-by and trash the seats as they did in ‘the good old days of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

  3. Gordon Burch says:

    November 5th is also the date of the Private Opening Day at Crich for TMS members and for members of the sponsor groups which have, over the years, funded tramcar restoration. These organisations include the Merseyside Tramway Preservation Society and, in view of the commemoration at Birkenhead, Liverpool 869 is scheduled to operate all day signed for routes 19 and 44 and to operate the last journey of the day (and the season) as as service 44 car with appropriate destinations.

    • David T says:

      Gordon is correct and it is sad that the two events should clash. I feel that Birkenhead should take priority for me as it is a one off event whilst Crich have several similar events.

  4. David Jones says:

    I don’t remember the trams on the east lancs I’m afraid but recent roadworks duck up loads of rail still in place and tarmaced over.
    Shame no one thought to preserve any.
    Mind you, there are 2 main roads nearby with tram masts will up after all these years and a bridge with rail still embedded in it for its full length.

  5. Dave Jones says:

    Went to the event yesterday (Saturday) afternoon and oh dear.
    Firstly let me say that my rocking up at 2.15pm didnt help, and i should have checked, but i think overall it was an opportunity missed, aided by a disaster not of the tramways making.
    Firstly the tramway stopped operating at 3pm sharp so that ruined my day (but my fault for not checking).
    However before i go further, i have to ask why not go later….a lit tram at dusk is something to behold and i think there was a chance missed there. Allied to some lateral thinking for a ‘park and ride’ to tie in with Liverpools River Fireworks could have been perfect, especially as the waterfront at Woodside had thousands attending this event and that’s fares missed in my eyes.
    However they got hit badly, in my opinion, not only by the early (3pm) closing, but also the lack of Mersey Ferry that meant Woodside was a quiet area until an hour before the fireworks (3 weeks now without a working ferry can’t have helped).
    To make matters worse the woodside cafe closed at 4pm due to a private event.
    With a bit of thought, trams could have been packed, instead of the 7 -10 people i say on 2 trams that afternoon in the time that i was there, but only by extending into the evening, Money and opportunities lost, and i left feeling that something could have been salvaged from that many people outside their front door.

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