399 206 arrives in Sheffield

The sixth of seven Citylink tram-trains for Stagecoach Supertram has now arrived in Sheffield. 399 206 was delivered to Nunnery Square Depot late on Monday 17th October following transportation from Stadler’s Valencia plant. The vehicle has now been unloaded and commissioning will start ahead of a full testing programme.

Seven Citylink tram-trains are being built with four required for the delayed tram-train pilot between Sheffield and Rotherham and the remainder to be used to increase capacity on the existing Supertram network. The contract for the construction of these vehicles was originally given to Vossloh but following the takeover of that company by Stadler they are now part of the Stadler family of trams.

The last of the fleet is expected to arrive in South Yorkshire before the year is out. At the time of writing no official details have been released of a full programme of testing, driver training and commissioning for these vehicles or when they will enter service for the first time.

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