Century up! Manchester Metrolink welcomes M5000 3100

Manchester Metrolink now have 100 M5000s on the books following the arrival of 3100 at Queens Road Depot on Saturday 14th June. The delivery of this trams comes just short of six years since the very first M5000 was delivered when 3001 arrived on 13th July 2009 and marks a significant milestone in the expansion of the Metrolink network with only another 20 trams now due to be delivered.

To mark the occasion of the delivery the Transport for Greater Manchester Twitter feed was plotting the progress of the trams has it made its way from Vienna to Manchester and so we can now see the exact route the deliveries take! Leaving Vienna on Tuesday 9th June the tram was transported via Koblenz and Goch (both in Germany) before heading to Rotterdam for the ferry to Hull. Docking in Hull early on Saturday 3100 was then transported across England before arriving at Queens Road Depot in Manchester at around 1200 on Saturday 14th June.

As with all previous 99 deliveries (all of which have carried passengers at some point) 3100 will now undergo the commissioning and mileage accumulation process (which includes the application of the full livery). It is then anticipated that it will join the non-ATS/VRS equipped fleet at Trafford Depot.

A further 20 M5000s are now due in Manchester and at the current rate of deliveries it is likely that 3120 will arrive in the UK at some point in 2016.

3100 waits for the off from Hull.

Another view of 3100 at Hull Docks before the lorry makes it way across the country to the trams new home. (Photographs x2 by Paul Derrick courtesy ABP Hull)

3100 prepares to swing into Queens Road Depot.

Another view of 3100 as it is moved into Queens Road Depot. (Photographs x2 by Steve Kemp)

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  1. tram man says:

    3100 made the journey over to old Trafford today as a double unit with 3047,arriving approx. 1730hrs.It is now inside the workshop ready for some press photo shoots next week.

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