Picture in Time 25: Blackpool Pantograph 167

What better tram to feature as our first Picture in Time of 2015 than the tram which won the “Tramcar of the Year” – Blackpool Pantograph 167. Over the past 12 months this tram has featured countless times on the pages of British Trams Online but never have we seen in the same state as we show it today – during its restoration at Bolton in the mid 1980s.

The tram had been transported to Crich way back in 1962 but had to wait its turn for restoration and it was to be 21 years before that time would come. In 1983 167 – which retained the all over green livery it had received during its later years of works service in Blackpool – was transferred to the Smithills workshop in Bolton where a start was made on a full restoration funded by a Manpower Services Commission grant. The trams restoration was completed over the next two years and 167 was able to make the trip back home to Blackpool (the first of four trips back so far) to play a starring role in the Centenary celebrations.

Our “Picture in Time” shows 167 at Bolton during its restoration whilst still carrying the all over green livery.

(Photo: David Lloyd)

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2 Responses to Picture in Time 25: Blackpool Pantograph 167

  1. Phil Hart says:

    Brilliant photo of 167. I wonder Brush car 624 (259) will receive restoration.
    It’s more or less got all its original features.
    Art Deco interior original windows/windscreens and double destination blinds as well as the ones over the doors.
    It would be great to see this tram in all its glory in the wartime livery.
    The roof windows are just paneled over same with the sliding roof.

    I believe it is now in a very poor condition but I believe it is the only Brush car to retain its features.

  2. Paul Turner says:

    624’s condition is mixed, the under frame is quite good, perhaps reflecting its leisurely life since the 70s. It is not particularly original though – the sliding roof wasn’t panelled over but removed with new roof frame and plain ceiling. The roof windows aren’t there. The windows are 1960s replacements, windscreens missing on the controller side. It does have its original controllers but I think the motors are EE (from memory). There are no seats and I don’t believe an original set of cushions survive.

    Personally I’d prefer it in 60s condition, with 298 eventually done as new.

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