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This week we bring you an extensive - and we mean extensive! - Photo Gallery from the 130th Anniversary weekend in Blackpool. What can we say about the actual events over the weekend? Well let's just say that it was probably the best heritage tram operation in Blackpool since the upgraded tramway opened in 2012 and we won't get many arguments. An intensive tram service, lots of photo opportunities, the return to service of a couple of lost friends and the chance to see behind the scenes at Rigby Road and Starr Gate Depots all combined to make it an excellent weekend. The fact that it was achieved by volunteers and paid staff working together as a team made it all the better and hopefully continues to set a benchmark for future events in Blackpool.

We have 200 photos for you in the gallery (which is in a slightly revised format which will hopefully make it easier for you to find your way to the photos you want to view) and if you prefer to read a few words about the weekend why not take a look at the article.

Once again we have an earlier than usual update this week as it is another weekend away for me back in the northwest again this time for the Wirral Bus and Tram Show. As usual we will bring you LIVE coverage on Facebook and the good news is that next weekend we will be back to a normal update at the weekend (hoorah!).

But until then please do enjoy the update!

Gareth - 1st October 2015

Picture of the Week: Blackpool Twin Car 675+685 & Boat 227

Our cover photo this week, of course, comes from Blackpool and is at Pleasure Beach loop which was one of the places to be for some great photo opportunities. This view shows Twin Car 685+675 alongside Boat 227 with other trams waiting their turn in service behind. This image was taken on 27th September.
Photograph by Gareth Prior

Upcoming Events Sunday 4th October: Wirral Bus & Tram Show - Birkenhead Heritage Tramway
Sunday 11th October: Hullova Day - Heaton Park Tramway

Further details can be found on the Events Diary.

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