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Who wants to buy a tram?!

There are a number of UK trams which have escaped these shores and been preserved abroad over the years. There have been Blackpool Standard 147 and Glasgow 488 which have returned to this country with the former now a popular member of the heritage fleet in its home town and the latter currently undergoing an extensive restoration. But then there are the others which have remained abroad, mainly in the USA, but regularly come up in conversation amongst enthusiasts and indeed have helped to keep our "Lost Trams" service in subjects. The main topic of conversation when we have featured these trams is "why don't we bring them back home?" - well now is your chance!

One of the most unique UK trams in the USA is Burton & Ashby 14 and it has just been announced that the City of Detroit - where it was exported to in 1980 to operate on a heritage line - are seeking to dispose of the tram (along with several other streetcars and lots of other vehicles including some buses) and it will be auctioned off on 5th November. 14 is in a joint lot with two other trams which may limit interest in bringing home the tram. It should not be forgotten that as well as purchasing the tram there is the small matter of transporting it halfway across the world but if anyone is interested in repatriation you can find out more details here.

I am sure there will be lots of intereted parties to see just what happens on 5th November - let's hope that we will be remembering this date for new reasons from now on and that 14 has a positive future.

This week we bring you a selection of photos from Stagecoach Supertram from both September and October 2014. Apologies for the lack of a main site update last week and also the fact we only have one gallery this week, unfortunately it is likely there may be disrupted service until at least the end of November.

24th October 2014

Picture of the Week: Blackpool single-deck line-up

On Sunday 12th October the Crich Tramway Village celebrated Blackpool Balloon 711's 80th birthday with a Blackpool running day which saw nine passenger trams and a works vehicle in operation. Also during the day the chance was taken to have some photo line-ups, including this one featuring two trams who were operating for the last time before withdrawal and departure. We see Rack 2 (being withdrawn), Box 40 (heading back to Blackpool), Pantograph 167 and Brush 630 on the depot fan.
Photo: Andrew Waddington

Upcoming Events

Saturday 25th October to Sunday 2nd November: Starlight Specials - Crich Tramway Village

Monday 27th October to Saturday 1st November: Halloween Tram of Terror - Seaton Tramway

Saturday 1st November: Winter Photography - Manx Electric Railway

Full details of events for 2014 can be found on our Events Diary.

This page was last updated on Friday 24th October 2014

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