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A brighter future for Blackpool Brush 621

We've all done it, seen a story on the internet and disagreed with what is happening and then sat at the computer and written a message complaining about X doing Y to a tram (for example) and then thats it. We just sit there and continue to complain about the situation but then aren't actually prepared to do anything about it - but there is no way that will stop us moaning and putting the same point forward again and again (and again and again and again in some cases). Recently our News pages have seen that happening on an all too regular basis and as a result from now on we are going to start being stricter on which comments are appoved on all stories. In the past we have probably approved messages we shouldn't but the negativity has got to a stage where sometimes we dread to log-in to see just what has got someones back up today! If you leave a comment and it isnt't approved please feel free to contact us (email address is at the top and bottom of this page) and we will attempt to explain the reasons why.

Despite that it is very pleasing this week to report that there are some enthusiasts out there who are not prepared to just sit on their computer moaning. Following on from the purchase of Burton & Ashby 14 (which is to return to the UK from Detroit, as reported last week) comes the news that Blackpool Brush 621 has been acquired from the Fleetwood Heritage Leisure Trust by a small group of enthusiasts and has already been moved to Beamish where it will ventually be returned to operational condition and is sure to become a valuable member of the fleet there.

It just goes to show that things can be achieved if you are prepared to actually do something instead of just sitting around moaning about it!

On a more positive note as we approach the end of November it is almost time for the British Trams Online "Tram of the Year" to make a return. With, for the first time, four categories up for grabs we will provide full details next week when nominations will open. Next week should also see a return to a bit more of a normal service from the website subject to the usual caveats.

16th November 2014

Picture of the Week: Manchester Metrolink 3080+3070

On Monday 3rd November the Airport extension of Manchester Metrolink opened to the public - as the UK's largest tram network continues to expand. This week for our cover photo we go to the Metrolink stop at Manchester Airport and catch the two LRVs which operated the very first journey to the Aiport: 3080+3070 with the destination already changed to Cornbrook.
Photo: Steve Kemp

Upcoming Events Details to follow...

Full details of events for 2014 can be found on our Events Diary.

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