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Fortunately it has been a much quieter news week with only the release of a report suggesting trams for the Isle of Wight (with some reports suggesting Midland Metro's T69s may be ideal but whether they will still be available by the time a final decision has been made is open to question as is whether they are actually suitable to run the entire route) and the aftermath of the very first Winter Gold heritage tram operation in Blackpool to really write home about.

Talking of Blackpool and the Winter Gold heritage service one of our trio of Photo Galleries this week comes from the weekend. 24 photos come from the camera of Rob Bray showing the varied selection of trams in service in some varied weather!

This week we also head back to Midland Metro for another selection of photos. Judging by our inbox since the extension to Bull Street opened in December Midland Metro has become a popular destination for tram photographers and with the extension to extend further in the coming months this doesn't seem to be ending any time soon.

And if you thought we were going to have an update without mentioning the Douglas Horse Tramway you would be mistaken! Our third selection of photos is a Picture in Time special featuring images from the Douglas Horse Tramway over the past few years; several trams which have been sidelined in the last couple of years feature as well as the usual suspects.

Enjoy the update!

Gareth - 7th February 2016

Picture of the Week: Blackpool Frigate 736

One of the highlights of the very first Winter Gold weekend of heritage tram operation in Blackpool was the rare daytime use of illuminated Frigate 736 - including its first normal passenger trips to Fleetwood since the upgrading of the tramway. This week's cover photo we feature the tram at Pharos Street preparing to set sail back to Pleasure Beach during a burst of sunshine on 30th January 2016.
Photograph by Rob Bray

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