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Electric 50 entertains the crowds

Sometimes when you build up to an event it turns out to be nowhere near as good as you were expecting. But the recent Electric 50 event at the Crich Tramway Village certainly does not fall into that category as both days of the weekend were hugely enjoyable and lets be honest where else can give you a 25 (27 on the Sunday!) tram cavalcade! Sure not everything went according to plan (but where would be the fun in that!) and there were probably some things which didn't quite work but that didn't stop it being one of the most enjoyable tram events this year. And you can always tell a good event when it comes to having to leave and you realise there are still a lot of things you wanted to do which you haven't had chance to do!

It is almost impossible to list all of the highlights of the weekend but despite the fact it did take quite some time to get the cavalcades formed no-one can deny that the sight of the trams lined up along the street was truly spectacular and lets not forget that there were three visiting trams which really added to the occasion and will hopefully be the start of more loanees in future years when required.

I am sure British Trams Online speak for most enthusiasts when we say thank you to the organisers of Electric 50 for a truly spectacular two days of tram action!

A good tram event normally means that I have taken far too many photos which then have to be sorted out before they can be uploaded to the site and that is the case following Electric 50 and so you will have to wait for the majority of our photographic coverage of the weekend for a while yet. But that doesn't mean that we have completely ignored Electric 50 on this weekend's update as we do have a five part article by Andrew Waddington (click here for the easiest way to get to each part of the review) and also bring you a small selection of photos from Electric Friday when Blackpool & Fleetwood 40, Newcastle 114 and Blackpool 711 were in service and a number of other trams were shunted around the depot. The remainder of our Electric 50 coverage will follow in the next few weeks. And speaking of the next few weeks our main site updates will be rather erratic for the next couple of weeks so please bear with us for now.

21st September 2014

Picture of the Week: Electric 50 Cavalcade

Chosing our cover photo for this week was never going to be easy but we have gone for the centrepiece of the event: the 25 tram Cavalcade. This view was taken on the Sunday of the event (so it was in fact a 27 tram cavalcade) from the Bowes Lyon Bridge and shows just a third of the Cavalcade led by Blackpool & Fleetwood 2. Also seen are Blackpool & Fleetwood 40, London United Tramways 159, Newcastle 114, Southampton 45, Glasgow 1068, Blackpool 166, Sheffield 74 and Chesterfield 7. Further photos from the weekend will be added in due course.
Photo: Gareth Prior

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Sunday 28th September: Last day of 2014 season - East Anglia Transport Museum

Sunday 5th October: Wirral Bus & Tram Show - Birkenhead Heritage Tramway

Sunday 12th October: Celebrate Blackpool 711's 80th Birthday - Crich Tramway Village

Full details of events for 2014 can be found on our Events Diary.

This page was last updated on Sunday 21st September 2014

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