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Last Updated Sunday 15th January 2012

Previous Winners of the British Trams Online Tram of the Year:

2010 - Liverpool 762
2009 - Blackpool Western Train 733+734
2008 - Blackpool Balloon 717
2007 - Blackpool Brush 623
2006 - Leeds 345
2005 - Trampower Tram
2004 - Blackpool Illuminated Frigate 736 & Nottingham Express Transit 203 (Joint winners)
2003 - Leeds 602
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Tram of the Year 2011: The Result

The British Trams Online Tram of the Year 2011 is Blackpool Marton VAMBAC 11 having beaten off competition from Stockport 5 and Manx Electric Railway 7 during the voting period. The 2010 contest may have been a surprise with Liverpool 762 taking the accolade but I think it would be fair to say that this year it has been anything but a surprise!

Although Stockport 5 put up a initial valiant effort to deny 11 the title it was never really in any doubt that the East Anglia Transport Museum’s stunning single deck streamlined tram was going to the “people’s choice” in 2011 with 55% of the total votes.

11 really did steal the show at one of the (if not the) tram events of the year – Power from the Past at Beamish in early September as it effortlessly made it way round the tramway circuit time after time over the four days. This was without doubt the hardest the tram has had to work since it was withdrawn from service in Blackpool in the early 1960s and it didn’t put a foot wrong throughout the event, clearly being the star of the show for many who attended. The tram was such a star at Beamish that many tram enthusiasts found it very difficult to peel themselves away from 11 as it went round and round and round!

British Trams Online Tram of the Year 2011 Results

Blackpool Marton VAMBAC 11 – 109 votes (55%)
Stockport 5 – 62 votes (31%)
Manx Electric Railway 7 – 28 votes (14%)

Tram of the Year 2011: Time to Vote!

Tram of the Year 2011: The Shortlisted Trams

The three trams shortlisted for the British Trams Online Tram of the Year 2011 have now been selected and brief details are given below as to why they have been added to the shortlist. Thanks to all those who nominated trams this year and apologies if your chosen trams hasn't made it.

Blackpool Marton Vambac 11

Why is it nominated? Starring role at Beamish's Power from the Past.

11 was a "nearly" tram in 2010 with its proposed loan to Blackpool for the 125th anniversary having to be cancelled after agreement couldn't be reached between the involved parties. But in 2011 it certainly wasn't a story of nearly - it was more a case of wow what a star that tram is! The annual Power from the Past event at Beamish - the Living Museum of the North in September had the theme of Circular Tour, Riding for Pleasure and this meant trams which ran at the seaside and what better excuse than to get 11 away from its home since 1969 the East Anglia Transport Museum! A short stay was all that 11 managed at Beamish but in that time it proved what a quality restoration it was as it got the chance to stretch it legs for the first time since it retired in Blackpool.

Manx Electric Railway 7

Why is it nominated? Returning to service on the Isle of Man after a major restoration

The very first Manx Electric Railway vehicle to make the shortlist 7 "makes the cut" following its major restoration and return to service carrying the attractive Douglas & Laxey Electric Tramway livery of Blue and White. The tram had last run in passenger service back in 2002 following which it was used as a works car until early in 2007 before a start was made on its restoration. The tram made its return to service on 5th June 2011 and was then a regular in service on the railway often paired with matching liveried Trailer 48.

Stockport 5

Why is it nominated? Moving to Heaton Park and actually seeing use!

The 2011 shortlist is completed by Stockport 5 which was moved from Blackpool after 15 years of scandalous underuse. It went to the ever improving Heaton Park Tramway in Manchester where it was quickly commissioned and was operating within just a few days of its transportation which was once again on the back of a Scotts Low Loader. The popularity of a traditional red open topped tram in the Park can never be underestimated as really what else would you want to do on those two days a year the sun shines in Manchester than ride on the top deck?

Once again we had a few problems deciding which 3 trams should make the final shortlist. Several of you nominated Blackpool Flexity2 001 for the list but I made the decision to not include this as although it has been delivered and has made some test runs it has yet to enter service and in reality there were many other trams which did something more exciting in 2011 (and let's not forget Edinburgh also had their first trams delivered to the Gogar Depot late in the year). Other trams which were considered but didn't quite make the shortlist were:
* Blackpool Twin Car 672+682
* Blackpool Balloon 720
* Cardiff 131
* Heaton Park 7
* Manchester 765
* Manchester Metrolink 1003
* Newcastle 114
* Sunderland 101

Thanks once again for all your nominations and if you have any queries about any specific trams not making it please email but please do remember its only a bit of fun!

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