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Last Updated Sunday 9th November 2008

This page details the nominees and winner of the British Trams Online Tram of the Year 2006. To return to the index of the Tram of the Year contest click here.

And the Winner Is...

Current Results
Tram of the Year 2006

Leeds 345 68%70
Seaton 11 12%12
Stagecoach Supertram 115 20%21
103 votes total

In all honestly the 2006 TRAM OF THE YEAR was not really a contest from the very early stages with Leeds 345 pulling away with votes and never even looking like being caught by Seaton 11 or Stagecoach Supertram 115. The reasons why 345 was chosen can be seen below, and it seems the British public were in agreement with those who decided to nominate the tram as it got a huge 68% of the just over 100 votes polled. As you can see the results of the contest can be seen above. 345 becomes the second tram from Leeds to win the award in just four years. Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote this year.

The Nominees

Leeds 345

Why is it nominated? Returning to service at Crich after major restoration

Although it was on the shortlist last year, Leeds 345 once again makes the final three as it was finally relaunched back into service on 1 April 2006. The restoration of the tram started in 2003 and after delays in the later stages it was not launched back into service in September 2005, as originally planned. This is the first time the tram has ever operated at Crich, despite it being one of the first trams to arrive at Crich (on 15 August 1959 along with fellow Leeds car 180 and Sheffield 15).

Final Position: Winner!

Seaton 11

Why is it nominated? Officially entered service at Seaton.

11 became the last of the three new built trams to enter service at Seaton. The tram was built by Bolton Trams of Lancashire in 2001/2 before being delivered to Seaton in April 2002. Work then commenced on preparing the trucks and the rest of the trams for service. It was delivered along with 9 and 10, both of which had previously entered service at Seaton. The tram is based on design elements from Plymouth and Blackburn tramcars and is finished in Liverpool First Class livery.

Final Position: Third

Stagecoach Supertram 115

Why is it nominated? First of Sheffield's new trams to undergo its mid-life refurbishment.

The only new generation tram to be nominated for this year is Stagecoach Supertram 115, which was the first tram to be treated in Sheffield's own workshops with major internal changes and also externally with a catching new livery. The tram re-entered service at a special launch on 27 January 2006, and has proved to be a success in service with its lighter interior, and better access for the disabled. Since the tram was dealt with another six have been so treated, with a eighth member currently being dealt with.

Final Position: Second

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