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Last Updated Sunday 9th November 2008

This page details the nominees and winner of the British Trams Online Tram of the Year 2005. To return to the index of the Tram of the Year contest click here.

And the Winner Is...

Current Results
Tram of the Year 2005

Blackpool Vambac 11 29%47
Leeds 345 19%30
Trampower Tram 52%85
162 votes total

The 2005 TRAM OF THE YEAR is the Trampower Tram which was thrust back into the limelight in November when it was used in public service at the Birkenhead Heritage Tramway where it had spent several months undergoing tests. The tram has since been moved back to Blackpool to undergo further tests although it has not yet commenced these. It may be remembered that when it was known as Roadliner back in the late 1990s the tram was in Blackpool undergoing tests. Since this date the tram has spent some time at Carnforth by the West Coast Main Line and has been repainted into a Dark Green and Yellow version of the Blackpool Transport Metro Coastlines livery style.

Congratulations to the tram which becomes the fourth tram to hold the accolade and only the second to do so on its own. In 2003 the award went to Leeds 602 whilst 2004 saw joint winners in Blackpool Frigate 736 and NET 203.

A huge thanks to all those who voted this year as well - over 125 more votes were received this year than last and has assured that I will continue with the contest in 2006 as well!

The Nominees

Blackpool Vambac 11

Having spent many long years out of service undergoing a restoration this tram was finally returned to service at the East Anglian Transport Museum near Lowestoft. The tram was officially launched into service during at Easter 2005 and has become a regular member of the operating fleet at the Museum.

Final Position: Second

Leeds 345

Another tram which has been out of service for years is this one, Leeds 345. The tram has not yet returned to service but was the most popular tram in the nominations so there was no option but to put it on the shortlist. 2006 should be the big year when 345 is returned to service at the Crich Tramway Village, this having been delayed from September this year. It is currently undergoing a rigourous testing programme.

Final Position: Third

Trampower Tram

Having spent a number of years out of the public eye, the Trampower tram has seen its first ever passenger runs in the last few weeks at the heritage tramway in Birkenhead. The tram is now expected to move to Blackpool soon for further tests. When it was known as the Roadliner it was in the resort back in the late 1990s for a few years.

Final Position: Winner!

Other mentions should go to the whole Blackpool Boat fleet, Blackpool Conduit 4 and Manchester Metrolink 1015.

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