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TRAM: British and Australian (American usually streetcar also trolley) noun [C]
An electric vehicle that transports people, usually in cities, and goes along metal tracks in the road. (Taken from the Cambridge English Dictionary)

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Both Official and Unofficial Sites relating to present day tram systems (or those proposed) in the UK

Bath Tram Official site of the Trams for Bath group, campaigning for the return of trams to the city.
Blackpool Transport Official site for BT's Metro Coastlines - includes Trams

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Blackpool New portal on Blackpool's Trams including the latest news, fleet list, the chance to be donate money to restoration projects

Blackpool Tramway Part of a larger site by Peter Courtenay which will eventually feature all light rail systems in the UK.
TFL: Croydon Tramlink Official TFL website
Unofficial Croydon Tramlink Highly Recommended
The Croydon Tramlink Now launched is the Croydon Tramlink part of Peter Courtenay's excellent larger site which will eventually feature all light rail systems in the UK.
Docklands Light Railway Official site - part of Transport for London
Docklands Light Railway Now launched is the DLR part of Peter Courtenay's excellent larger site which will eventually feature all light rail systems in the UK.
Docklands Light Railway Unofficial site for information - hasn't been updated since April 2000
Douglas Horse Tramway Unofficial site for the horse tramway on the Isle of Man
Edinburgh Trams Official Website from Transport Edinburgh detailing the progress with the plans to return trams to streets of the Scottish Capital.
Manchester Metrolink Official Site
Manchester Metrolink Part of a larger site by Peter Courtenay which will eventually feature all light rail systems in the UK.
Mersey Tram Official Site
Mersey Tram Unofficial Site
Midland Metro Official site
Midland Metro Part of a larger site by Peter Courtenay which will eventually feature all light rail systems in the UK.
Nottingham Express Transit New Official site telling you everything about the system as it opens
Nottingham Express Transit Unofficial site with everything you need to know about NET. By Stephen Dee.
Nottingham Express Transit Part of a larger site by Peter Courtenay which will eventually feature all light rail systems in the UK.
Stagecoach Supertram Official Site
Stagecoach Supertram Part of a larger site by Peter Courtenay which will eventually feature all light rail systems in the UK.
Volks Electric Railway Official website of the Volk's Electric Railway Association

Policy Making Bodies and Transport Plans
Most of these sites do relates to a specific tram system. They include local PTEs, national governmental organisations and campaigning groups

Centro Home Page of the West Midlands PTE
Department for Transport Offical site of the government department
Greater Manchester Local Transport Plan Site detailing the areas LTP including the Metrolink extensions
Greater Manchester PTE Metrolink Part of the site which has all transport in the Greater Manchester region
Manchester: Transport Plans Unofficial Site detailing plans for transport in the Manchester area
Mersey Travel Official Site of the local PTE with details of the Mersey Tram Proposal
Nottingham Express Transit: Beeston & Chilwell Integrated Transport Official site of campaigning for NET extensions
Nottingham Express Transit Nottinghamshire County Council Site
SYPTE: Stagecoach Supertram Links to the Home Page of the South Yorkshire PTE

Museums and Preservation Societies/Groups
Mainly Official sites of UK Museums with trams and the societies who have raised money over the years for tram restoration

Beamish: The North of England Open Air Museum Official Site
Birkenhead Tramway Local Tourism website with basic information
Black Country Living Museum Official Website of the museum in Dudley
British Horse Tram Enthusiasts Site detailing their activities
Crich Tramway Village Official Site - Now relaunched
East Anglian Transport Museum Official site
Fleetwood Transport Festival New Official site for the festival which includes Fleetwood Tram Sunday every July.
Fylde Tramway Society Official Site
Heaton Park Tramway Official Site of Manchester Transport Museum Society
Heaton Park Tramway New website for the Heaton Park Tramway featuring details of special events and the latest news amongst all the usual things you would expect from a tramway museum website.
Inter City Railway Society Official site of the society who are a non-profit making society whose sole purpose is to support rail enthusiasts in the pursuance of their hobby. Now features tram photos.
Ipswich Transport Museum Official Home Page of the Museum in Suffolk including info on their tram restoration project
Lancastrian Transport Trust Official Website for the owners of Blackpool Coronation 304 amongst others
Leeds Horse Tramcar 107 Website detailing the resoration of this Leeds horse car.
Light Rail Transit Association Official Site - Highly Recommended
Llandudno & Colwyn Bay Tramway Society Official Website for the society who own three trams and hope to eventaully restore one to operational standard
London's Transport Museum Official Site for the Covent Garden Museum
Manchester Museum of Transport Official Site
Merseyside Tramway Preservation Society Official Site - now with own web domain
Seaton Tramway Official site for the narrow gauge Tramway in Devon
Shipley Glen Tramway Official Site
Summerlee Trams Official site for Summerlee's Trams including features
Tramway Information Site includes official Tramway and Light Rail Society website

History, Enthusiasts Photos and Models
Personal sites of those with a passion for trams showing off their photos and also giving us some history Photographic website by Jason Cross featuring many trams from across the UK as well as lots of railway photos.
30937 Transport Photographic Database Run by Bob Bridger a selection of transport photos available through a search facility with tram images from across Europe available.
30939 Archives A company speciailising in video and DVD releases of archive footage of railways and trams. Currently several European tram systems are featured in their releases.
Blackburn Trams Informative History on Blackburn's Trams 'Olive Green and Ivory'
Blackpool Trams Photos Alan Robson's images from Blackpool in the last few years
Blackpool Tram Photos Alan Robson's images dating back to the 1970s
Blackpool Tram Photos Images from the owner of the Unofficial Blackpool Tramway website. Features photos of trams from and visiting Blackpool.
Tramdev Brian Lomas' site about Light Rail and Trams in the Bristol area
Colin Seymour's Tram Photos and Information
David Bradley's Blackpool Picture Book Features photographs taken in the resort during 1962
David Bradley's Sheffield Trams More photos from David Bradley this time from the original system in Sheffield
Eye-Kay's Tram Pages includes Blackpool, Heaton Park, Isle of Man and restoration of Dundee 21
FreeFoto.Com: National Tramway Museum Many photos available for your use from
Glasgow Picture Gallery
Gordons Trams Gordon Bulmer describes his model tramways and how to motorize Corgi 4-wheel Trams.
It's A Tram Thing Matthew Hall's tram photos including Blackpool and the Great Orme Tramway
John Burke's Blackpool Trams Features Photographs and basic information
Ian Banks' Photos Tram photos from Blackpool and Croydon. Also includes bus photos.
Jack's Tram Pics Photographic website with photos from the camera of Jack Gordon. Mainly features Crich.
Leeds Picture Gallery
Liverpool Picture Gallery
London Picture Gallery
London Tramways - affordable Cross River and Oxford Street trams (CROST) for London A website with details of a speech given by Professor Lewis Lesley in March 2009 about the future of trams for London.
Max Cleworth's Photo Gallery Another Fotopic site with a whole array of photos from Blackpool and the surrounding area - there are currently three Blackpool tram galleries, which are of main interest to readers of this site, but do take a look around the rest of the site for some excellent pictures.
NET Tram Photos Regularly updated photo site on Nottingham's new trams
NYC Subway Blackpool Page Basic history and pictures from a wet June 2002! By Peter Ehrlich
Paul Atchinson - Heritage Transport Artist Paintings and prints of buses, trams, railways, lorries, motorbikes, cars and aircraft.
Photo by DJ Norton Photos of trams taken in Birmingham in the 1950s - just before the system was abandoned. Part of a larger website which includes photos of buses, sites around Birmingham and (soon) railways
Rail Videos A rail vehicle archive which is attempting ti put together short video clips of every class of train currently in service on the British Railway network - including a section on Blackpool's trams. To find the tram videos follow the "Blackpool" link at the top of the home page.
Steve Kemp's Isle of Man Extensive website of photos taken by Steve Kemp on the Isle of Man - including trams.
Steve Kemp's Trams and LRV's Extensive website of photos taken by Steve Kemp of trams and light rail vehicles over the years. Including images from Beamish, Birkenhead, Black Country Museum, Blackpool, Carlton Colville, Crich, Croydon, DLR, Great Orme, Heaton Park, Isle of Man, Manchester, Midland Metro, Nottingham, Seaton, Sheffield, Summerlee, Tyne & Wear Metro, West Yorkshire Transport Museum and trams from Europe.
Terry Russell Trams
Tramlink Picture Gallery
Trams and Tram Depots Information and pictures relating to British trams and the depots that housed them
Trams Wiki A tram wiki for all types of trams, from every country and in two languages so far - Dutch and English.
Tramways Monthly Tramways Monthly is a new e-newsletter that covers anything to do with Trams, Tramways and Light Rail all over the world.
Transport of Delight New photograph site from Geoff Bannister featuring transport photos through the years. Currently there are two galleries with trams -Clapham Transport Museum in 1959 and Blackpool in 1961. Highly Recommended.

Official sites from companies involved in tram and light rail construction

Parry People Movers Official site of the company who propose the use of their trams as a cheaper and smaller option
Trampower Official website of the company who have designed and built a low cost tram - currently being tested in Birkenhead.

Newsgroups & Forums
Where tram enthusiasts can come together and chat about on topic issues

Facebook Group: Metrolink - The Oldham & Rochdale Line A new Facebook group which is a general area for the discussion and news regarding the Oldham Loop Line conversion to Metrolink. Requires free Facebook membership to access.
Tramway Museum Society Brand new forum dedicated to discussing events and general goings on at the home of the National Tramway Museum - the Crich Tramway Village. Requires registration to post messages.
Yahoo! Groups: Blackpool_Transport Requires Free Membership
Yahoo! Groups: Blackpool Trams Requires Free Membership - Not Currently Very Active
Yahoo! Groups: Blackpool Tramway Requires Free Membership - Not Currently Very Active
Yahoo! Groups: Crich Tramway Village Requires Free Membership
Yahoo! Groups: Croydon Tramlink Requires Free Membership - Affiliated to the Unofficial Croydon Tramlink Site
Yahoo! Groups: Douglas Horse Tramway Requires Free Membership connected to Unofficial Douglas Horse Tramway site
Yahoo! Groups: NET Trams Requires Free Membership - All the latest developments on the construction and testing in Nottingham
Yahoo! Groups: Tramgen New group whose aim is to give as much advance info as possible or info as it happens, so that members can get out and ride on, see or photograph any notable tram workings. Requires Free Membership.
Yahoo! Groups: UK Trams The No.1 online tram community. Requires Free Membership.

Please note none of these newsgroups are run by British Trams Online.

Diecast Models
Sites relating to Corgi and EFE diescast models (including trams)

Diecast Buses Interactive Includes all the latest on diescast buses and trams.