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Last Updated Sunday 23rd January 2011

Previous Winners of the British Trams Online Tram of the Year:

2009 - Blackpool Western Train 733+734
2008 - Blackpool Balloon 717
2007 - Blackpool Brush 623
2006 - Leeds 345
2005 - Trampower Tram
2004 - Blackpool Illuminated Frigate 736 & Nottingham Express Transit 203 (Joint winners)
2003 - Leeds 602
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Tram of the Year 2010: The Result

In probably the biggest shock of the contest Liverpool 762 has been crowned British Trams Online Tram of the Year 2010 beating off competition from Blackpool OMO 8 and Blackpool Marton Box 31. With a record number of total votes cast 762 won 45% of the vote defeating 8 into second place and 31 coming in third. It is worth noting that although 762 has won the award both of the other trams were as deserving of winning with 8 making a triumphant return to the rails after 18 years and 31 making history by being the first tram to operate at three tramways in a year. Thanks to all who voted!

Current Results

British Trams Online Tram of the Year 2010

Blackpool OMO 8 37%279
Blackpool Marton Box 31 18%136
Liverpool 762 45%344
759 votes total

Tram of the Year 2010: Time to Vote!

Tram of the Year 2010: The Shortlisted Trams

The three trams shortlisted for the British Trams Online Tram of the Year 2010 have now been selected and brief details are given below as to why they have been added to the shortlist. Thanks to all those who nominated trams this year and apologies if your chosen trams hasn't made it.

Blackpool OMO 8

Why is it nominated? A return to the rails in 2010 after 18 years out of use.

8 almost stole the show of the 125th Anniversary celebrations when it was used on a test run behind the Cavalcade on 29th September. For a long time it looked like 8 would not turn a wheel during the celebrations having only arrived at Rigby Road just over two weeks previously and still requiring work. For many all they could hope for was a sighting of the tram in the Electrical Compound at the Open Day. However, Blackpool Transport staff worked their magic on 8 over the next couple of days (including the fitting of a tower and pantograph and it made its first apperance for over 18 years (May 1992 was the last time the tram had last run on the Prom before this) on the morning of 29th September on a short test run. All was passed fit for the tram to then run during the Cavalcade arriving at Pleasure Beach just before 1400 having run from Depot via Foxhall crossover. It then ran as the eight car in the Cavalcade from Pleasure Beach to Bispham and then back to Depot - making a fine sight on the Prom in its Plum and Custard livery.

And if that isn't a good enough reason for its nomination then the last week of the season should help convince you when it ran a couple of tours for its owners the Lancastrian Transport Trust. The first of these was for invited guests who had contributed to the restoration project on Thursday 4th November before its big day on Saturday 6th November when it ran a whole days enthusiast tour.

Blackpool Marton Box 31

Why is it nominated? Three different tramways in one year and two different guises!

Where to start with 31? It started the year as plain old 31 operating on the tramway at the Beamish Museum before a spring repaint into Works Green and a return to its former identity of 4 to play a starring role in the Power from the Past event in April. Following this event the tram returned to the Beamish workshops where a start was made on a repaint into 1920s Red, White and Teak livery. Once this repaint was finished the tram re-entered service at Beamish being a very popular good weather high capacity tramcar.

31 was transferred to Blackpool in mid-September to take on a starring role in the 125th Anniversary celebrations, arriving on 15th September. The tram was first used on an enthusiasts tour on 24th September before seeing public service on 25th September (and then another enthusiasts tour in the evening). It was also the only visiting tram for the events to see use outside the events week (on 16th and 27th October).

All of that was plenty to confirm 31's place on the shortlist but then it was announced that it was to go on loan to the Heaton Park Tramway for the Winter period. It left Blackpool on 9th November and then made its debut in public service there on 14th November - making it three tramways in one year in service (has any tram ever done this before?) 31 was one of the star's at Heaton Park's Blackpool Day.

Liverpool 762

Why is it nominated? Operating in Blackpool for the 125th Anniversary events and for many the star of the show,

Completing our shortlist of three is Liverpool 762 which turned heads wherever it went during its loan period at Blackpool - again for the 125th Anniversary celebrations. It left its normal Birkenhead home on 6th September and made its first appearance on the Blackpool Prom on a training run on 14th September. 762 first carried passengers on a tour for Merseyside Tramway Preservation Society members on 18th September.

During the events week the tram performed well and highlights included a couple of enthusiasts tours and a period of public service on Sunday 26th September. Many people described 762 as one of their highlights during the week and it is certainly a fine tram and added to the events.

This year has been quite a challenge selecting only three trams for the shortlist with several others coming close to joining the three above (just as well not all the promised trams made it to Blackpool or into service!). The following trams are highly commended!:
* Blackpool & Fleetwood Rack 2
* Blackpool Boat 600
* Blackpool Brush 632
* Blackpool Balloon 703
* Blackpool Balloon 706
* Cardiff 131
* Leeds 6
* Manchester 765
* Oporto 196
* South Yorkshire Supertram 120

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