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Last Updated Sunday 9th November 2008

This page details the nominees and winner of the British Trams Online Tram of the Year 2007. To return to the index of the Tram of the Year contest click here.

And the Winner Is...

Current Results
British Trams Online Tram of the Year 2007

Blackpool Brush 623 47%136
Llandudno & Colwyn Bay Replica 7 47%135
Midland Metro 09 7%19
290 votes total

The Nominees

Blackpool Brush 623

Why is it nominated? Returning to service in Blackpool after mothballing - and in Wartime Green & Cream Livery!

623 was stored in the depot "motballed" for two years carrying a defunct all over advertising livery seemingl destined for an unknown future. But when Blackpool Transport needed to reinstate a single deck crew operated tram it was top of the list as it was in the best condition of those stored. If that is not reason enough for a nomination then how about painting it into the incredibly popular Wartime Green & Cream livery! The tram has been the one to get a shot of in Blackpool and many photographers have been chasing the must have shot of it alongside fellow wartime liveried tram 605 and 700.

Final Position: Winner! (By one vote!)

Llandudno & Colwyn Bay Replica 7

Why is it nominated? Has been all over celebrating the centeneary of the opening of the tramway in the North Wales towns.

With the Centenary of the opening of the 3' 6"gauge Llandudno and Colwyn Bay Electric Railway fast approaching, the Llandudno and Colwyn Bay Tramway Society decided the event must be marked with something tangable.

Sadly with the exception of one tram (No.6) which returned to Bournemouth after the closure of the line in 1956, no other rolling stock from the former seaside tramway remained. The Society had earlier located the body of another ex-Bournmouth Brush built open-top Double-Deck Tram (No.126) which was similar to 9 of the 10 which operated in North Wales for 20 years from 1936.

A massive search locally found many original parts such as some upper deck seats, old railings and netting, lamps and other artifacts. Over 9 months between September 2006 and May 2007 these were put together to form a Replica Tram which could be taken for display to various local events. As no suitable location could be found for laying any track, it was decided to mount the body on a road trailer so it could be towed round using the 1943 Matador "Mighty Muriel" already owned by a member of the Society. We were delighted to receive the cup for the best exhibit at the Llandudno Carnival.

The tram has even been hauled to the Birkenhead tramway where it became the start attraction of the "Wirral Bus and Tram Event" on Sunday 7th October standing alongside the operational 4' 8 1/2" former Merseyside trams.

After a visit to the former private way trackbed at Bodafon fields, Llandudno on the actual Centenary on 19th October (see attached pictures), the tram was hauled the following day along the full length of the former tramway from Llandudno West Shore to Colwyn Bay then continuing to Old Colwyn (former Queens Hotel) along the route which closed in 1930.

Words by John Bird, Webmaster Llandudno & Colwyn Bay Tramway Society

Final Position: Second (Only one vote behind 623 but highly commended)

Midland Metro 09

Why is it nominated? First tram to enter service in the Network West Midland Magenta and Silver livery.

At the end of 2006 09 was involved in a collision with sister 10 at Soho which caused major damage to both trams. It spent several months away at Crewe undergoing repairs before returning to the Wednesbury Depot in May/June finished in a new "eye catching" livery of Magenta and Silver. In truth the tram is only half of 09 (at the Birmingham end) as the damage to the trams was so severe it is a "cut and shut" with the Wolverhampton end being the undamaged end of 10. The tram entered service to a fan fare of publicity and has since seen regular service on the Birmingham-Wolverhampton route.

Final Position: Third

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