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Last Updated Sunday 9th November 2008

This page details the nominees and winner of the British Trams Online Tram of the Year 2003. To return to the index of the Tram of the Year contest click here.

And the Winner Is...

Which tram deserves the award?
Blackpool Coronation 304 (20)
Blackpool Twin Car 672+682 (13)
Leeds 602 (22)
NET 208 (4)
Stockport 5 (2)

Total of votes: 61

The Nominees

Blackpool Coronation 304

This tram needs little introduction having been the star of the February 2003 Channel 4 program, Salvage Squad. The tram was restored with help from the program and put into working order for the first time in many years since its withdrawal. Since then the tram has seen repairs to the Vambac unit which was never fully operational for Channel 4 and it has also done further filming work for an encore. It has also undertaken a Lancastrian Transport Trust tour to show its worth.

Final Position: Second

Blackpool Twin Car 672+682

672+682 were the first trams in the Blackpool fleet to receive the Metro Coastlines style of livery when they were painted in Orange and Yellow back in February. The tram also received an overhaul and was installed with saloon heaters so that it could be used all year round. The reason for the tram being put into the competition is that the pair of them started a new era for the Twin Cars and possibly even the Blackpool Tramway.

Final Position: Third

Leeds 602

The star of the Crich Tramway Village Tramathon 2003 was Leeds 602. The tram had spent a number of years out of service due to a leaky roof but in time for June 2003 the crews at Crich were put through their paces on the tram and it was without doubt the star for the Tramathon. The tram was at the time the only Vambac operated tramcar operational in the UK.

Final Position: Winner!

Nottingham Express Transit 208

The only second generation tram in the list is NET 208 which was the first tram into the city centre (twice!). 208 entered the city centre for both the first and the official first runs and as such has provided history.

Final Position: Fourth

Stockport 5

Although this tram has been in Blackpool for 7 years now, 2003 has been the year that it has really come into its own. With the new vintage tram policy of using them much more at weekends, 5 has been used fairly regularly and has proved to be a star when it has operated.

Final Position: Fifth

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