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TRAM: British and Australian (American usually streetcar also trolley) noun [C]
An electric vehicle that transports people, usually in cities, and goes along metal tracks in the road. (Taken from the Cambridge English Dictionary)

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This page was added on Sunday 8 January 2006

In a change of format for 2005 BRITISH TRAMS ONLINE are proud to publish a brief review of the tram events of 2005. Not every event from the past year is covered and some of the photos aren't exactly earth shattering news but every photo on the following eight pages have never been seen on BRITISH TRAMS ONLINE! Thanks to all the regular contributors who have let their photos on the site during 2005, some of which are featured here!

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Boat 602 was one of the lucky trams which was mothballed at the end of 2004 but due to good weather in the summer was reinstated into service, and it enjoyed a lot of use too. Here we see the tram at North Pier on 4 September 2005.
Photo: Gareth Prior
Another tram which escaped from mothballing was Boat 604, seen here at Cabin on 3 September 2005.
Photo: Gareth Prior
A third tram which was mothballed and then wasn't in Blackpool was Brush 622. The tram was captured on specials at Gynn Square on 6 September 2005.
Photo: Gareth Prior
A new all advert was received by Centenary 641, carrying the now familar orange design for Orion Bingo. Here it is coming out from the depot at Manchester Square on 8 September 2005.
Photo: Gareth Prior