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Gallery 917: Around the World in Trams Special - New York Museum of Transportation

The New York Museum of Transportation can be found at Rush in the state of New York and provides the only trolley ride in the state. With a collection of 14 full size trolleys, a caboose, steam locomotive, antique highway and horse-drawn vehicles a visit to the museum gives plenty to see for any transport enthusiast. The museum was formed in the early 1970s but it wasn't to be until 19th July 1980 that the first rides could be offered on a short running line. At this time there was no overhead power and it was not to be for a further 20 years before the first electric operation at the museum would take place. 24th October 2000 finally saw the first overhead powered operation and then in the following years more and more of the running line was wired until the end of 2009 season saw full operation of the one mile line.

In this collection we first take a ride along the line with Philadelphia and Western 161 in charge of this trip. We then take a look at some of the other sights of the museum.

* The New York Museum of Transportation is usually open every Sunday throughout the year between 1100 and 1700. More details on the museum can be found on their website at

Photographer: Edward M. Koehler Jr.
Photographs were taken on Sunday 22nd September 2019 with some additional archive images.

Entrance Sign

Museum map

Museum buildings

Museum buildings


Watchmen's Hut

New Car Barn


Museum Entrance

Subway Signs

Philadelphia & Western 161

Philadelphia & Western 161 air tank

Philadelphia & Western 161 motorman view

Along the line

Giles Crossing

Along the line

BOCES Crossing

Reid's Crossing

Scanlon's Crossing

Midway Station

End of the line

Buffalo, Lockport and Rochester 206

Hornell Traction 34

New York State Railways 157

New York State Railways 437

New York State Railways 1402

New York State Railways track car

Former Pennsylvania Trolley Museum 2

Rochester City and Brighton 55

Trans Mississippi Trolley 168

Genesee and Wyoming 8

Solvay Princess Company 47

Track Cars

Buffalo-Springfield road roller

Rush Tractor

Milk Wagon

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