In Pictures: Metrolink 3022 receives advert livery


3022 leaves Cornbrook for Piccadilly on 2nd November.

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2 Responses to 1.3022-sk

  1. I will have to track down this 3022..Michael Kors tram to add to my collection.
    I will have to please PHIL and get the right route this time however they move it around.
    So everybody will see it, I only hope my photo will be as good as this one…
    Still think that the Gold one is the best they have done to date…

  2. Yesterday 11th November 3022 Was on the BURY to ALTRINGHAM Route I double checked and one
    thing for sure you can not miss the advert for Michael Kors..I have say it looks good…
    The Gold one was on the Airport to Cornbrook run, so each day is fun????…
    Where will it be today..????What does my pal Phil that..???I await his reply..

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