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TRAM: British and Australian (American usually streetcar also trolley) noun [C]
An electric vehicle that transports people, usually in cities, and goes along metal tracks in the road. (Taken from the Cambridge English Dictionary)

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GALLERY 94: Crich Tramway Village Enthusiasts Day 2007
This page was added on Sunday 30th September 2007

All Photographs in this Gallery were taken by Gareth Prior on 29th September 2007.

There are 65 photos on 24 pages in this gallery.

Service Trams 1 (3 photos) | Service Trams 2 (3) | Service Trams 3 (3) | Service Trams 4 (3) | Sheffield 264 1 (2) | Sheffield 264 2 (3) | London Cavalcade 1 (2) | London Cavalcade 2 (2) | TSO Cavalcade 1 (2) | TSO Cavalcade 2 (2) | TSO Cavalcade 3 (3) | Depot (3) |
Depot Yard 1 (3) | Depot Yard 2 (3) | Depot Yard 3 (3) | Depot Yard 4 (3) | Depot Yard 5 (3) | Depot Yard 6 (3) | Depot Yard 7 (3) | Exhibition Hall 1 (2) | Exhibition Hall 2 (3) |
Exhibition Hall 3 (3) | Workshop 1 (3) | Workshop 2 (3)

Crich Enthusiasts Day 2007
The annual Enthusiasts Day at the Crich Tramway Village always offers some surprises with rare trams out in the open and some even on the main line, 2007 was no different. Over the next 24 pages are 65 photos from the day including the trams used in passenger service, Sheffield 264 which was stabled at the Town End terminus all day, a London tram Cavalcade, a Cavalcade involving trams who had TSO funding, a view inside the depot, lots of shots in the Depot Yard as trams were shunted around, inside the Exhibition Hall and finally Workshop views. So just sit back, relax and enjoy these photos! (As ever you can access the photos by using the links at either the top or bottom of the page)

Currently at the back of the Workshop is Glasgow 812 as seen in this view from the gallery.
Believe it or not this is Cardiff 131, the water car which only arrived at Crich on 31st August. The tram has already been stripped with both the water tank and roof removed, leaving the underframe as seen here. It seems a shame that the work could not have been delayed 4 weeks so the tram could have its time in the limelight before restoration.
And the roof of 131. This is in the process of being stripped down and it is not known how much of this will survive the process.