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Gallery 938: Around the World in Trams Special - Pennsylvania Trolley Museum Trolley Fair 2019

In this collection we take a look at the trolley cars which took part in the three Parades at the 2019 Trolley Fair which took place at the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum on 22nd & 23rd June 2019. As is usual at this event there are a number of Parades of trolleys during the day with each car pulled up to the Richfol platform near the Founder's Carbarn where information is then provided. In 2019 the parades were themed as follows: Parade 1 - Trolleys from Philadelphia, Cincinnati and New Orlenas, Parade 2 - Special Purpose Trolley cars, Parade 3 - Trolleys of Pittsburgh. In these photos we take a look at each of these parades to see those trolleys which took part at the 2019 event.

* You can find out more about the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum on their website at And if you want to see more of the trolleys from the museum we have previosuly featured it in Gallery 789 (2018) and Gallery 910 (2020).

Photographer: Edward M. Koehler
All Photographs were taken on Saturday 22nd June 2019.




Timetable of events

Rio de Janerio 1758

New Orleans 832

Cincinnati Street Railway 2227

Cincinnati Street Railway 2227

Philadelphia Rapid Transit 5326

Philadelphia Suburban Transportation 66

Philadelphia and West Chester Traction 78

Philadelphia Suburban Transportation 14

Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority 24

SEPTA 24 & PSTC 14

SEPTA 24 & PSTC 14

PSTC 14 & SEPTA 24

PA Transit M210

PA Transit M210

PA Transit M283

PA Transit M283

PA Transit M283


Beaver Valley Traction 1

West Penn Railway 1

Pittsburgh Railways 3487

Pittsburgh Railways 4145

Pittsburgh Railways 4398

Pittsburgh Railways 3756

Pittsburgh Railways 1711

PA Transit 4004

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