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Gallery 789: Around the World in Trams - The Pennsylvania Trolley Museum 2018 Trolley Fair

Onto Parade number three now and this one featured cars which come from outside of Pennsylvania. First up was this delightful open car which was built by the Companhio de Transportes Coletivos Do Rio de Janeiro to a J G Brill design around 1911. Numbered 1758 it was moved to the US by a consortium of trolley museums during 1965 and originally operated at the Magee Transportation Museum where it was rebuilt to open the bulkhead behind the first bench on each end to better represent the Narragansett design of open car. Whilst there it was also lettered for the fictious Magee Shortline Electric Railway and numbered 1. When the Magee collection was sold off 1758 passed into the ownership of three different trolley projects - none of which came to fruition. It was finally acquired by the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum in 2006 and regauged to the Pennsylvania Trolley gauge. Despite the fact it is a delightful car for passengers to ride on a fine and sunny day it isn't popular with the crews at the museum as there are no seats available for motorman or conductor.

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