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Midland Metro T69

This historic fleet list includes all Midland Metro T69 trams - all of which were withdrawn between 2006 and 2015 and the majority of which have since been scrapped.


Built: 1998-99 by Ansaldo Transporti, Italy
Seats: 52
Motors: 4 x 105Kw

No. Date Delivered Withdrawn Departed Wednesbury Depot Status Link
01 17th February 1998 Autumn 2006 13th October 2014 Scrapped Photo
02 12th May 1998 December 2009 7th October 2014 Scrapped Photo
03 17th June 1998 December 2013 11th March 2016 Scrapped Photo
04 30th June 1998 February 2015 23rd March 2016 Scrapped Photo
05 10th July 1998 March 2015 17th March 2016 Scrapped Photo
06 27th July 1998 8th June 2015 26th February 2016 Scrapped Photo
07 4th August 1998 September 2014 16th October 2014 Stored at Long Marston Photo
08 12th August 1998 July 2015 1st March 2016 Scrapped Photo
09 1st September 1998 Spring 2015 14th March 2016 Scrapped Photo
10 23rd September 1998 July 2015 24th March 2016 Stored at Long Marston Photo
11 6th October 1998 December 2014 8th March 2016 Scrapped Photo
12 16th October 1998 January 2015 23rd March 2016 Scrapped Photo
13 23rd October 1998 August 2014 6th October 2014 Scrapped Photo
14 11th November 1998 June 2014 17th June 2014 Scrapped Photo
15 11th November 1998 September 2014 15th October 2014 Scrapped Photo
16 11th March 1999 14th August 2015 19th August 2019 Stored at Very Light Rail Innovation Centre, Dudley Photo

On departure from Wednesbury Depot all trams were transported to Long Marston for storage. Those which were scrapped were sold at e-auction in early 2018 before they were move to Booths, Rotherham from April 2018 for scrapping.
09 and 10 both suffered accident damage in a collision in December 2016. After repairs the trams returned to service in mixed formation and ended their operating career in that condition.
10 was repainted into a purple and white livery at Long Marston when it was used for a Police exercise at Rail Live in 2022.
11 had been secured for preservation by Birmingham Museums and was expected to be moved for display. However, in July 2022 it was removed from Long Marston and sent to Sims Metals, Newport for scrapping.
16 was transported from Long Marston to the Very Light Rail Innovation Centre at Dudley on 24th November 2023 where it will be used as a test tram.

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