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Gallery 883: Around the World in Trams Special - Southern California Railway Museum 1981-2002

This car is a freight motor (also known as a box motor) of which the Pacific Electric had a large number for their considerable freight and US postal service. The PE had a freight depot next to LA Union Station, and another at their LA terminus building on 6th and Main streets, freight/box motor use ceased in 1952. This particular car was built by Brill in 1915 for the Portland, Eugene and Eastern Railway as a combine ie freight and passenger use, it was sold to the PE in 1930 who removed the passenger accommodation, becoming a freight car. It was numbered 1450 but when a US post compartment was added in 1936 it was renumbered 1406. Finally in 1950 it became a works car (a wrecker) no. 008 and was withdrawn in 1959. The PE was the very last operator of Railway Post Office cars in the USA.

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