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Gallery 883: Around the World in Trams Special - Southern California Railway Museum 1981-2002

Pacific Electric no. 331, a 4 wheel 'Birney' car built by Brill in 1918, in the Car Barn. Over 6000 of these small trams were built, purchased by many systems in the USA but also exported to South America , Australia and New Zealand. They were one man operated and had around 32 seats. They were designed by Charles Birney and Joseph Bosenbury and built from 1915 until the end of the 1920's and were seen initially as competition to the growing use of cars in cities, later on though many were relegated to lightly trafficked routes, the Pacific Electric used them for local routes on its system. No. 332 is also at Perris, restored as Tuscon Street Railway, Arizona, no. 10. PE sold both these trams to MGM in 1940, they were used as props in various films, most notably, one of them appeared in 'Singing in the Rain', they were acquired from MGM in 1966 after being found on a studio back lot in Hollywood.

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