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Gallery 857: Picture in Time Special - Blackpool Streamlined trams 70th anniversary 2004

In September 2014 with Blackpool's iconic English Electric streamlined trams (Balloons, Boats and Railcoaches) celebrating their 70th anniversary a weekend of special events were held including a Cavalcade and depot open day. In this Picture in Time special we head back to the fortnight surrounding these events featuring the trams in service as well as taking a look at the aforementioned special events. Trams which haven't been seen in service for some time and long forgotten liveries are included as we remember a time when the tramway was very different to that we see today. Photographer: Gareth Prior
Photographs taken between on Saturday 4th and Saturday 18th September 2004

Bolton 66

Twin Car 673+683

Balloon 703

Trawler 633

Twin Car 671+681

Brush 631

Centenary 645

Railcoach 679

Jubilee 762

Balloon 724

Balloon 700

Boat 600

Balloon 712

Balloon 702

Standard "177"

Open Top Balloon 706

Boat 600

Frigate 736

Frigate 736

Brush 636

Coronation 304

Replica Vanguard 619

Twin Car 684+674

Rocket 732

Western Train 733+734

Balloon 708

Coronation 660

Balloon 713

Brush 625

Railcoach 678

Centenary 643

Balloon 710

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