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Gallery 710: Trams Around the World - The Rockhill Trolley Museum October 2017

The first in a new irregular series of galleries featuring tramways from around the world we feature images from the Rockhill Trolley Museum (RTM) in Pennsylvania during their annual Fall Festival which took place on 7th and 8th October 2017. During the festival cars basically operate every half hour over the slightly more than a mile long single track along Blacklog Creek to a platform identified as Blacklog Narrows. There is one passing siding at a no longer used picnic ground about halfway along the line, another passing point is at Blacklog Narrows itself where a spur track allows a car to get off of the mainline. During the festival the RTM attempts to have all of its operating cars out and about for at least a few round trips over the line. The RTM is the oldest operating trolley museum in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania dating from 1960 and the trackage was originally a part of the three foot gauge East Broad Top Railroad and Coal Company's (EBT) Shade Gap branch, this has resulted in much of the operating line at the museum being laid at dual gauge (standard and 3 foot). The RTM shares a portion of its trackage with the EBT which resulted in an unusual signal installation to protect turning excursion trains on the EBT. Photographer: Edward M Koehler Jr
Photographs taken on Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th October 2017

Museum sign

Ticket Booth

San Diego 1019

Museum and Gift Shop


Philadelphia & Western 205

Philadelphia & Western 802


Blacklick Narrows platform

Johnstown Traction 311

Johnstown Traction 355

Metropolitan Transportation 1019

Philadelphia & Western 10

Philadelphia & Western 803

Philadelphia Transportation 2743

New Jersey 6

Scranton Transit 107

Oporto 172

Oporto 249

Oporto C64

Valley Railways 12

York Railways 163

New Jersey 6

Philadelphia Transportation 2743

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