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Gallery 864: Picture in Time Special - Isle of Man Summer Spectacular 1994

After the success of the 1993 Isle of Man Year of the Railways, the following year again saw a special event take place, albeit one not to celebrate any particular anniversary. During this week of events - 23rd to 31st July - one of the undoubted highlights was the not to be repeated appearance of the Civil Aviation Authority railcars down at Laxey Station whilst there was a Snaefell Photography Day and Crossbench 18 was also in action, a tram since withdrawn from the operational fleet of course. We take a look at some of the sights during a couple of days of this event but unfortunately the photographer's nightmare happened after the event. After sorting out the films - this being well before digital photography - and sending them to be developing the majority went missing with those photos never seeing the light of the day. It just goes to show that even with the best foresight there are events outside of your control which can affect the processing of photos - today's equivalent would be either losing a memory card or having a corrupted drive where you hold your images. Despite this setback we provide you with a selection of images taken at the event which give a tast of what was on offer for the enthusiast. Photographer: David Mee
Photographs taken in July 1994

Programme of Events

Programme of Events

Douglas Bay Horse Tramway 45

CAA Railcars

CAA Railcars & Manx Electric Railway 2+47

Manx Electric Railway 47+2 & CAA Railcars

CAA Railcar

Snaefell Mountain Railway 6

Mercury Arc Rectifier

Laxey Substation

Manx Electric Railway 56

Manx Electric Railway 9

Manx Electric Railway 18

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