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Gallery 728: Picture in Time Special - Crich Tramathon 2003

In this gallery we go back into the archives for a collection of photos taken during the 2003 Tramathon at Crich. At this time there were two main enthusiast events which took place at the home of the National Tramway Museum with this event in June seeing an intensive tram service run throughout the day - in essence if it could run it did run! For the 2003 Tramathon 16 different passenger trams ran in service and although many of those which did operate can still be seen in service at the museum today it also included Gateshead 5 and Leeds 602 whilst Glasgow 1068 was still in its guise as Paisley 68. As well as photos of some of the trams in service we also take a look at other trams - both static and being moved - which includes Johannesburg 60 and Glasgow 1297 being shunted around the depot yard. Photographer: Gareth Prior
Photographs taken on Sunday 8th June 2003

Gateshead 5

Chesterfield 7

Glasgow 22

Paisley 68

Sheffield 74

London County Council 106

Blackpool 167

Leeds 180

Oporto 273

Metropolitan Electric Tramways 331

Leeds 399

Leeds 602

Leeds 602

Liverpool 869

London Transport 1622

Berlin 3006 & London County Council 106

Berlin 2006 at back of queue

Blackpool 40 & Liverpool 869

Blackpool 167 & Leeds 180

Chesterfield 7 at back of queue

Metropolitan Electric Tramways 331 at front of queue

Sheffield Works 330

Johannesburg 60

Glasgow 1297

Leeds 399, London Transport 1622 & Blackpool 40

Blackpool & Fleetwood 2

Grimsby & Immingham 14

Blackpool 49

Glasgow 812

Glasgow 1100

Leeds Tower Wagon 2

Leeds 345 top deck

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