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Gallery 714: Trams Around the World - The Electric City Trolley Museum, Scranton

Dating from 1926 this is a double truck single end trolley car built for the Philadelphia Transportation Company as their 8534; this car originally ran on Brill 39E2 trucks, with two General Electric model 275 motors and a General Electric K68 controller at each end. It was one of 100 identical cars built to the same design as 385 cars delivered during 1923. This car was modernised during the early 1940ís. 8534 was retired from service during 1957 and was conveyed to a predecessor of the Electric City Trolley Museum but it remained in Philadelphia for charter service under private ownership. This car was eventually transferred to the Buckingham Valley location and was subsequently restored by removing some of the 1940ís modernisation changes during the 1970ís. It has been moved to Scranton and placed in front of the museum building; it is not operational as its wheelsets are still to the Philadelphia trolley gauge (five feet, two and a quarter inches).

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