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Gallery 711: Picture in Time Special - 2002

As we look back over the past 15 years of British Trams Online we bring you the first Picture in Time special, with all photos coming from our launch year - 2002. It would appear that in 2002 I didn't get around the country as much as I do now with only photos from Blackpool, Croydon, Heaton Park, Manchester Metrolink and the London Transport Museum featuring. There are many long forgotten adverts in Blackpool as well as some trams which have since been scrapped. These photos were all taken pre digital camera and I like to think that over the years I have become a bit of a better photographer but these images are shown in their original condition to show just how UK tramways were in 2002. Photographer: Gareth Prior
Photographs taken throughout 2002

Blackpool Standard 147

Blackpool Boat 600

Blackpool Boat 602

Blackpool Boat 604

Blackpool Boat 605

Blackpool Boat 607

Blackpool Replica Vanguard 619

Blackpool Brush 621

Blackpool Brush 622

Blackpool Brush 623

Blackpool Brush 626

Blackpool Brush 627

Blackpool Brush 631

Blackpool Brush 632

Blackpool Brush 634

Blackpool Brush 637

Blackpool Centenary 641

Blackpool Centenary 642

Blackpool Centenary 643

Blackpool Centenary 646

Blackpool Centenary 647

Blackpool Twin Car 672+682

Blackpool Twin Car 683+673

Blackpool Railcoach 678

Blackpool Railcoach 679

Blackpool Railcoach 680

Blackpool Balloon 700

Blackpool Balloon 701

Blackpool Balloon 702

Blackpool Balloon 704

Blackpool Open Top Balloon 706

Blackpool Balloon 707

Blackpool Balloon 709

Blackpool Balloon 710

Blackpool Balloon 711

Blackpool Balloon 712

Blackpool Balloon 715

Blackpool Balloon 716

Blackpool Balloon 718

Blackpool Balloon 719

Blackpool Balloon 720

Blackpool Balloon 721

Blackpool Balloon 722

Blackpool Balloon 723

Blackpool Balloon 726

Blackpool Jubilee 761

Blackpool Jubilee 762

Blackpool Trawler 633

Blackpool Balloon 701 & Trawler 633

Bolton 66

Hull 96

London Tramways 284

Manchester 765

Sheffield 513

Croydon Tramlink 2544

Croydon Tramlink 2548

Croydon Tramlink 2552

Manchester Metrolink 1001

Manchester Metrolink 2003

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