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Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours - 1st May 2023

This small collection of photos heads back to May Day, 1st May 2023, which was part of another Enhanced Weekend of operation for Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours. On this day the heritage service was running between Pleasure Beach and Fleetwood with five cars allocated to the service - Bolton 66, Boat 227, Railcoach 680, Balloon 700 and Balloon 717.

We feature four of those trams in action at various locations along the tramway in images which don't only look at the trams but also what else is going on around and about.

Photographer: David Fowler
All Photographs were taken on Monday 1st May 2023.

Boat 227

Railcoach 680

Balloon 717 & Railcoach 680

Balloon 717

Railcoach 680 & Balloon 700

Boat 227

Balloon 717

Balloon 717

Boat 227, Flexity2 015 & Flexity2 016

Boat 227, Balloon 717 & Rebuilt Balloon 707

Boat 227 & Rebuilt Balloon 707

Boat 227

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