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Blackpool Tramtown Tours - November 2021

In a couple of years where the repetitiveness of daily life has been all too apparent one of the most popular new heritage tram attractions has been in Blackpool where regular tours of Rigby Road Depot have been offered. Christened Tramtown and launching at the end of September 2021 the tours have been sell outs with people wanting to see behind the scenes of the depot wth glimpses inside the Paint Shop, Body Shop, Fitting Shop and, of course, the main depot shed to allow views of trams which haven't run for many years and probably won't for an even longer time. And with revenue from the tickets for the tours going towards the maintenance of the depot what's not to like! In this collection we feature the tour on 24th November 2021 with images of the trams both operational and non-operational. We also bring things more up-to-date with a few photos showing a tour on 8th January 2022. Photographers: Trevor Hall & Gareth Taylor
Photographs were taken on Wednesday 24th November 2021 & Saturday 8th January 2022.

Balloon 715

Illuminated Frigate

Standard 143

Balloon 704

Boat 600

Unimog 938, Engineering Car 754 & Balloon 717

Unimog 938

Engineering Car 754

Balloon 717



Illuminated Hovertram

Brush 632, Atlantean 45 & Trampower

Brush 632

Works Brush 259

Twin Trailer Car 681 & Works Brush 259

Railcoach 680

Balloon 713, Coronation 304 & Railcoach 680

Brush 631 & Coronation 304

Coronation 304 & Balloon 713

Rebuilt Balloon 709

Balloon 700 & Boat 227

Balloon 700

Balloon 726

Balloon 726

Coronation 663

Brush 621, Brush 634 & Bolton 66

Balloon 701 & Brush 621

Bolton 66 & Balloon 723

Balloon 723

Brush 625 & Balloon 708

Brush 625

Twin Car T2+272 & Brush 625

Twin Car 272+T2

Twin Car 676+686

Balloon 711

Lytham 43

Glasgow 1016

Balloon 704

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