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Picture in Time - 10 Years of Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours

On 6th April 2012, Blackpool Transport's first official 'Heritage Tram Tours' operated, hailing a new era for the traditional tram fleet as their role was adjusted to suit the newly upgraded tramway. That first season saw a two-car service operating between Pleasure Beach and Little Bispham at weekends and school holidays, although this was not a great success and the next few years saw the heritage trams used much less often, but with a more appealing operating set-up, including tours to Fleetwood for the first time. This all paved the way for today's heritage tours, with the first use of volunteer crews in 2015 being a major turning point in making the operation more sustainable, whilst a variety of pre-booked tours have been available since 2020. Over the past ten years, a total of 35 different trams - including members of the 'B Fleet' of modified Balloon cars - have run on the heritage service, and to mark the first decade of operation, this special photo gallery features every tram to have worked on heritage tours so far. Photographer: Andrew Waddington
Photographs were taken on various dates between May 2013 and November 2018.

Birkenhead 20

Marton 31

Box 40

Bolton 66

Standard 147

Pantograph 167

Boat 227

Boat 230

Twin Car 272+T2

Coronation 304

Boat 600

Brush 621

Brush 623

Brush 630

Brush 631

Centenary 642

Centenary 648

Twin Car 675+685

Railcoach 680

Balloon 700

Balloon 701

Open Top Balloon 706

Rebuilt Balloon 707

Rebuilt Balloon 709

Balloon 711

Balloon 713

Balloon 715

Balloon 717

Rebuilt Balloon 718

Balloon 719

Balloon 723

Rebuilt Balloon 724

Western Train



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