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Stagecoach Supertram - advert liveries

When it originally opened the entire fleet on the South Yorkshire Supertram - now branded as Stagecoach Supertram - was in the standard fleet livery of grey and a bit more grey - but as time moved on and Stagecoach took over operation of the system full advert liveries started to arrive and have remained a feature ever since. So far, only the original Siemens-Duewag trams have received full advert liveries with some of the fleet having carried mutiple designs whilst others have been left in fleet livery throughout.

This list is very much a "work in progress" and there are gaps in information, educated guesses in some dates and it is almost certain something has been completely forgotten! If you can help fill in any of the gaps or notice any other errors or ommissions please let us know by email.

No. Advert From To Photo
104 My Sheffield October 2007 April 2009 Photo
106 Thomson May 2006 February 2008 Photo
109 East Midlands Trains May 2019 August 2019 Photo
110 Stagecoach Supertram 10 Years (centre car only) March 2004 March 2005 Photo
110 Stagecoach Supertram: Let congestion pass you by / Energy Efficiency (centre car only - one advert either side) 2005 2005 Photo
111 East Midlands Trains October 2010 September 2017 Photo
111 IKEA September 2017 April 2018 Photo
111 Pretty Little April 2018 January 2022 Photo
111 Pretty Little (slightly revised version) January 2022 Still Carried Photo
112 Stagecoach Supertram: On track for a greener future June 2021 Still carried Photo
116 Meadowhall Supershopper fashion September 2004 April 2006 Photo
116 Meadowhall (different design) April 2006 January 2009 Photo
116 Genting Club July 2012 June 2014 Photo
116 East Midlands Trains June 2014 September 2017 Photo
116 Doncaster Sheffield Airport September 2017 March 2019 Photo
116 XPO Logistics April 2019 October 2022 Photo
116 Park and Ride April 2023 Still Carried Photo
118 Pretty Little April 2018 February 2022 Photo
118 Pretty Little (slightly revised version) February 2022 Still carried
120 Ask Jon (telephone enquiry service) December 1999 March 2001 Photo
120 Meadowhall March 2001 September 2004 Photo
120 East Midlands Trains May 2009 October 2010 Photo
120 The Full Monty May 2023 September 2023 Photo
120 Bringing People Together September 2023 Still carried Photo

Thank you to Stuart Cooke & Edward Marshall for providing information contained on this advert list.

This page was last updated on Sunday 1st October 2023

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