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South Yorkshire Supertram

Can you help? Do you have dates of when any of the below trams were either delivered to Sheffield or entered service? We are aiming to provide a resource of key dates for all trams in the UK but unfortunately our records doesn't contain this information. If you can help please email us at

To aid visibility of the current status of the trams on this fleet list the following colour coding is used:
Operational, Under Attention, Withdrawn, Not Yet Delivered


Built: 1993-94 by Duewag, Dusseldorf, Germany
Seats: 86
Max speed: 50mph
Motors: 4 x 250kw monomtor drives
Power Conductor: Single Arm Pantograph

No. Livery Link
101 Blue, Red & Orange Photo
102 Blue, Red & Orange Photo
103 Blue, Red & Orange Photo
104 Blue, Red & Orange Photo
105 Blue, Red & Orange Photo
106 Blue, Red & Orange Photo
107 Blue, Red & Orange Photo
108 Blue, Red & Orange Photo
109 Blue, Red & Orange Photo
110 Blue, Red & Orange Photo
111 Advert for Pretty Little Thing Photo
112 Advert for Stagecoach Supertram: On track for a greener future Photo
113 Blue, Red & Orange Photo
114 Blue, Red & Orange Photo
115 Blue, Red & Orange Photo
116 Advert for Park and Ride Photo
117 Blue, Red & Orange Photo
118 Advert for Pretty Little Thing Photo
119 Blue, Red & Orange Photo
120 Bringing People Together Photo
121 Blue, Red & Orange Photo
122 Blue, Red & Orange Photo
123 Blue, Red & Orange - with 21st Anniversary window vinyls Photo
124 Blue, Red & Orange Photo
125 Blue, Red & Orange Photo

All trams underwent a midlife refresh between 2006 and 2009 in the following order: 115, 119, 104, 101, 107, 105, 121, 122, 120, 114, 110, 125, 118, 103, 117, 108, 106, 123, 113, 102, 109, 124, 112, 111 and 116.
Following an accident involving a Mainline bus on 26th May 1995 the current formation of 102 is actually formed with part of 111: 102-1-original centre-111-1. It returned to service in this form on 14th July 1995 and remains like this today.
105 was involved in a collision with a lorry at Hyde Park on 23rd July 2021 sustaining damage to the cab whilst also derailing the tram. It left for repairs in Scotland on 14th/15th March 2022 and returned following the completion of these (in two parts) on 30th/31st August 2023. It will now be prepared for a return to service.
106 was at one stage stripped for spares and rebuilt.
111 split a switch in the Depot and damaged an articulation unit in July 1995 which led to the formation change as mentioned above for 102. As a result 111 is now formed as 111-2-original centre-102-2. 111 also split the switch at Alsing Road on 23rd November 1996.
118 is made up of two sections of 118 and one of 120 following a collision between the two at Shalesmoor on 22nd October 2015.
120 runs in a mixed formation with the number two end being that from 118 following a collision between the two trams on 22nd October 2015 at Shalesmoor.
The 21st anniversary livery carried by 123 is the standard fleet livery with vinyls added to the windows depicting passengers as drawn by local artist Peter McKee.

Citylink Tram-Trains

Built: 2015-6 by Vossloh/Stadler, Valencia, Spain
Seats: 96 (with space for 140 standing passengers)
Maximum Speed: 60mph
Motors: 6 x 145kW
Power Conductor: Single arm pantograph

No. Date Delivered Livery Link
399 201 30th November 2015 Blue, Red & Orange Photo
399 202 24th May 2016 Blue, Red & Orange Photo
399 203 28th June 2016 Blue, Red & Orange Photo
399 204 19th July 2016 Blue, Red & Orange Photo
399 205 26th September 2016 Blue, Red & Orange Photo
399 206 17th October 2016 Blue, Red & Orange Photo
399 207 20th November 2016 Blue, Red & Orange Photo

Five of these vehicles (399 201, 399 202, 399 203, 399 204 and 399 205)are fitted with Tram-Train wheel profiles to allow operation on the Tram-Train pilot between Cathedral and Rotherham Parkgate. The remaining vehicles (399 206 and 399 207) have traditional wheel profiles and can be used on the conventional Supertram network.
399 202 is made up of two thirds of 399 202 and one third of 399 204 after both vehicles suffered collision damage in two separate incidents within six weeks of each other in October/November 2018. The good parts of the two trams were combined to allow a tram to return to service. This had been the first of the class to carry passengers on Thursday 14th September 2017 (in its original form).
399 204 is made up of two thirds of 399 204 and one third of 399 202 following the collisions as mentioned above. Having returned to Spain for repair on 21st February 2019 and returning to Sheffield on 17th November 2019 it returned to service on 19th January 2020.

Thank you to Charlie Blagg, Stuart Cooke & Aidan Croft for providing information contained on this fleet list.

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