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Birkenhead Heritage Tramway

To aid visibility of the current status of the trams on this fleet list the following colour coding is used:
Operational, Under Attention/Overhaul/Restoration, Stored/Withdrawn, On Display , On loan elsewhere

No. Place Date Built Livery Date last operated Link
7 Birkenhead 1876 Maroon & Cream ? Photo
11 Douglas Bay Horse Tramway 1886 Red & White 1978
20 Birkenhead 1900 Maroon & Cream 2022 Photo
28 Warrington 1902 - ? Photo
43 Liverpool 1890 Maroon & Cream ? Photo
47 Douglas Bay Horse Tramway 1911 Red, White & Blue 1978
69 Birkenhead (Hong Kong) 1992 Blue & Cream 2023 Photo
70 Birkenhead (Hong Kong) 1992 Maroon & Cream 2023 Photo
78 Wallasey 1920 Lime Green & Cream 2023 Photo
245 Liverpool 1938 Green & Cream 2022 Photo
730 Lisbon 1930 Yellow & White 2022 Photo
762 Liverpool 1931 Maroon & Cream 2022 Photo
GKD317 Liverpool 1946 Green ? Photo

Douglas Bay Horse Tramway 11 and Douglas Bay Horse Tramway 47 initially arrived at the Wirral Transport Museum on 5th and 4th May 2021 respectively from the Isle of Man. In October 2023 they were moved to Hooton Park, Ellesmere Park for further storage.
Warrington 28 is undergoing restoration at Taylor Street Depot, where it arrived on 24th July 2004. This is in fact Warrington 2 but a decision made by the MTPS membership in 2015 was that as it is to be restored to open balcony condition it should be given a new identity.
GKD317 is a Guy Tower Wagon which was originally used for maintenance of the tramway overhead in Liverpool before being used for lighting work.

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