Incident at Crich involving Oporto 273

At 1:40pm on Wednesday 25th June, an incident occurred at Crich Tramway Village involving the recently overhauled Oporto 273. It is understood that the tram overshot the terminus and hit the banking at Town End when it was arriving at the loading stop. No passengers were on board at the time, and the rest of the tram service resumed shortly after. The driver of the tram was reportedly treated for minor injuries. The incident is currently under investigation by the Museum’s Traffic and Engineering Teams, and no further information is available at present.

The above information was supplied in an official statement from the Tramway Museum Society by Dr Mike Galer, the General Manager of the Museum.

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4 Responses to Incident at Crich involving Oporto 273

  1. Daniel says:

    I hope the driver and all concerned are okay.
    I hope the tram is not damaged too much after just having an overhaul.

  2. Christopher Callan says:

    A rather alarming incident that no doubt will have to be looked at in detail by the relevant bodies both internally and externally. Whilst incidents like this are thankfully incredibly rare but its never nice for anyone involved. Main thing is everyone ok. These things do happen though. Hope the driver makes a speedy and full recovery

  3. Tom says:

    I went to Crich today and Oporto 273 was in the workshop. Fortunately it looks like the damage is light, just a few scratches on the bumper from what I could see but not sure what it’s like mechanically.

  4. Sinead says:

    Unfortunate incident, but good to see what I believe is the first public comment of any sort from Dr Mike Galer, the latest Crich General Manager. As a Crich outsider, but an interested follower of the place, I was beginning to wonder if he actually existed! Crich PR/Marketing never seems to have even posted an online photo of him.

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