Mosley Street closes

At 0055 in the early hours of Saturday 18 May, 3018 became the last tram to stop at Mosley Street in Manchester city centre as it permanently closed to “improve journey times, reliability and capacity” on the Manchester Metrolink network. As reported last week the closure date was confirmed once the passenger information displays were switched on in the city centre following TMS taking over control of the lines in this area and is a long held aspiration of Transport for Greater Manchester.

Mosley Street stop had become a bit of an oddball on the Metrolink network as its short latforms meant that double M5000s were unable to operate to Altrincham as they were not fitted with the steps like the T68s. TfGM have wanted to close the stop for some time as it means the more reliable M5000s will now be able to operate in multiple to Altrincham and the withdrawal of the T68s can now be accelerated.

The last evening saw 2001 become the last T68A to stop at Mosley Street when operating to Eccles before 3019 at 0025 to St Werburgh’s Road, 3030 at 0037 to Eccles, 3055 at 0051 to Altrincham and 3018 to Altrincham at 0055 became the last few trams to call there. Earlier in the evening the final double T68 to run comprised 1023 and 1022 when running to Altrincham.

Whereas any previous stop closures have resulted in a replacement this is the first time that a stop has closed with no direct replacement since Metrolink started operation in 1992. However the close proximity of stops at Piccadilly Gardens and Market Street (with St Peter’s Square also not being a million miles away) means that on the whole passengers should not be too inconvenienced by this closure. In addition the new passenger information displays located in the city centre inform passengers where the next Altrincham line services should be departing from.

With thanks to Steve Kemp for information in this article.

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  1. Steve Kemp says:

    I think that 3036 followed 3030 (running late) on an Eccles service about 0040 as bunching at Piccadilly and a points failure at Piccadilly Gardens caused late departures to Altrincham & Eccles

  2. tram man says:

    On the subject of points failures,i have heard on the grapevine that points No3 at the delta junction have failed that many times since TMS was rolled out across the town centre,that a man in a van is going to be deployed 24/7.Is it becoming another media city where a man in a van was deployed for two years.Not forgetting the man in a van currently deployed at Trafford bar junction.

    • freel07 says:

      The reason why they are manually worked is that the motor in them has failed and a spare is needed from Germany. Nothing to do with TMS.

  3. fred Collins says:

    To confirm what Steve has said, 3036 was the last Eccles car to stop at Mosley Street.

    Short video of the last hour of operations at Mosley Street on YouTube at

  4. Deckerman says:

    Just whilst we are on about stop closures, I recall a year or so ago, going to a transport meeting in Manchester involving TfGM or it’s predecessor, where they were only tentatively and slightly discussing, the possible closure of this one single stop on the Metrolink, that had yet to go to public consultation… and there was holy hell!! There was “Disgusted of Marple” and “What an OUTRAGE of Cheadle Heath” and “Thin end of the wedge from Didsbury” etc etc … all proper kicking off in front of the executive.

    Then I thought that I should perhaps, just for context, point out that in Blackpool we had just had in the region of 20 – 30 stops closed, without a word being said or any consultation or permission sought or needed… or anything! They were stunned.

    Now I am not saying that the closures here weren’t needed to make the new system more efficient, as they more than certainly were, but equally as a bit of a wake up call as to how relatively petty their arguments were, I just wanted to just show them that perhaps they weren’t really as badly done to as they thought they were, compared to some!

    It’s all down to context I suppose and to further underline this, I was recently in London on the Tube and… MY GOD… it was delayed by 2 and a half minutes and they were all in total uproar! And later, a bus was turned short and the next one wasn’t for.. Oh good grief…wait for it…. nearly 3 whole minutes!! The humanity!!

    Oh, how those poor people cope in the cities with a full 2 and a half minute wait on the Tube, or a 4 minute delay for a bus or the sheer audacity of a single tram stop closing that’s virtually next to one that’s still open!!

    All I can say is, isn’t it a good job that we here in Blackpool don’t have to ever put up with anything like that eh? How would we possibly cope? !!!

  5. Ken Walker says:

    Noted today on Bury/Altrincham services during a short spell at Piccadilly Gardens were 3021+3030 and 3028+3047 running as pairs – and 1002 as a single! Also 1014, 1016 and 2003 on the Eccles route

  6. Monopodmansdad says:

    Went to the city centre on Sunday afternoon to film trams. Too late for Mosley Street. Didn’t see one old tram. Are we too late or do they run just weekday peaks and if so, what routes?

    • Ken Walker says:

      Tonight about 2130 2003 was still out but on the Piccadilly – Altrincham service, and between Piccadilly and St Peter’s Square 1009 and 1024 were passed on consecutive services to Piccadilly, so they seem to be on Altrincham and Eccles services in the evening. The departure to Eccles from Piccadilly prior to 2003 on the Altrincham was also a T68 or T68.

  7. Stuart Buchan says:

    I noticed the information display at Market Street this morning, about 8:25, just showing three dots … !

    There were not many double T68’s around tonight, I ended up on a M5000 from Victoria to Altrincham – I nearly had travel sickness by the time I got off at Nav Rd – maybe they need to hand out travel sickness pills instead of Metro newspapers.

    The rocking on the M5000, I’ll be putting whiplash claims in !

  8. nigel says:

    Monopodmansdad , Hi there, it seems that Sundays are now exclusively M series trams, this appears to have happened about 3 Sundays ago.

    To see the T series you would have to come midweek. Based on my observations of the last few weeks and following the closure of Moseley Street some of the twin T series that were used on the Bury to Altrinchams have been split and were yesterday working on the Eccles lines and 1012 was working as a single unit on the Bury line.

    The best place to observe everything is in front of Primark at the front of Piccadilly gardens, there you will see everything that goes off Piccadilly and the workings from Victoria end.

    Hope this is of help to you.

    • Monopodmansdad says:

      Thanks Nigel and Ken, very helpful. We will try again on Friday. Didnt realise how quick they were being withdrawn. We had better get some footage before its too late. Thanks again, Mark

      • Ken Walker says:

        Lunchtime today 1012 and 1016 were running solo on Piccadilly-Altrincham and 1017 and 1021 on Eccles services, and ironically 2001 on an Altrincham-Bury service. More surprising was 3025 and 3032 running as a pair on the 11.59 Rochdale to St. Werburgh’s Road service, which at Newhey passed 3020 and 3022 running as a pair in the other direction. All other services seen between Newhey and Victoria were singles. I had my camera with me and wished I had photographed the 2 services passing from the road bridge at Newhey and waited for the next service, but I was on board 3025 before I realised there were 2 doubles present! I presume it was something to do with last-minute testing to East Didsbury. Will go and have a look tomorrow and see if the doubles appear again (and a trip to Manchester for some T68/68a action!)

  9. nigel says:

    Further observations yesterday from 1 till 1530, only one twin t series working Bury Altrinchams with many twin m series. 1003 was working Piccadilly Eccles services. Many single T series working both Eccles and Altrincham services from Piccadilly. As to when the service from Picadilly to Altrincham was reinstated I do not know.

    I would suggest as previously to see as many T series as possible Piccadilly gardens area and along Mosley street would be your best locations. Also Deansgate and I have used a good vantage point from the steps at the G Mex for trams working down Mosley Street towards Deansgate.

    • Ken Walker says:

      3025&3032 running as a pair again on the 0935 Rochdale-SWR today, but they didn’t come back. 1023&1012 as a pair on Altrincham-Bury, 2001 on Eccles and 1026 on an unidentified service on Mosley Street. With double M5000s running and probably 2 extra diagrams on the Rochdale service to cover extension to East Didsbury I think the T68s will be safe for some time yet.

  10. Ralph Oakes-Garnett says:

    I saw the 2 pairs of M5000 on Tuesday and rode on 3025/32 to St Werburghs Road but having gone to East Didsbury they came back as singles one after the other. I also noted 1002 on it’s own during the day.

    • Ken Walker says:

      I was on that run as well from Newhey to St. Peter’s Square riding on 3025. Probably saw you without realising!

  11. nigel says:

    A productive evening at Deansgate last night, lovely light, plenty of T series including the last remaining double T series. Went down to Salford Quays after work yesterday, 2001 resurrected on the Eccles line now, units seem to swap around the various lines of Eccles, Bury and Altrincham where the T series can operate. Did not manage to get 1003 yesterday, I assume it was operating Altrincham services on its own.

    T series seen yesterday 1007 1024,1017,1013,1002,1016,1002,1022,2001,2003 1009,1021 only altrincham twin set t series is 1012/1023

    • Monopodmansdad says:

      Got to Manchester on Friday evening. Filmed 11 T68 and saw both T68A. It was a bit windy for videoing but acceptable and the sun came out occasionaly. 1003 1007 1009 1012+1023 1013 1017 1021 1023 1024 1026 2001 2003. Thanks to everybody this week with their sightings which made it a good visit for us. Mark

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