Pretty little things spread to Blackpool!

Two of Blackpool’s LRT fleet have received all-over vinyl adverts for women’s clothing store Pretty Little Thing – following on from two near identical liveries previously seen on the Stagecoach Supertram fleet in Sheffield. 016 was the first Blackpool tram to be so adorned, entering service in its new guise on Saturday 25th August, with 003 following on Tuesday 28th.

016 had previously been the only Flexity2 in the fleet wearing an all-over advert, the design in question being for the Freeport shopping village, featuring its infamous giant seagulls on the body sides! This has now been replaced by a soft pink design for Pretty Little Thing, and just like those in Sheffield, the tram is adorned with unicorns all over! However, one very important and welcome difference is that these are limited to the body panels – all of the windows have been kept free of contravision, which is a move that will surely be welcomed by passengers. Unlike the previous designs also worn by 016, the ends of the car have also been covered with vinyls rather than remaining in fleet livery, so arguably this could be considered the first true all-over advert on a Flexity2 tram in Blackpool. The design seems to have been fairly well received, the main criticism being that it offers no explanation as to what the website actually offers for sale!

As soon as 016‘s new look was unveiled, then identical vinyls were being applied to sister 003 within the confines of Starr Gate depot, with this tram then debuting its new look just three days later. Unlike 016, this is 003‘s first all-over advert. Oddly, neither tram has fleet numbers, meaning that identifying the pair at a glance is just about impossible! Their appearance has, however, added an extra splash of colour to the tramway as well as useful extra revenue which should be welcomed.

'Pretty Little Thing' 016 seen at Starr Gate on its first day in service, 25th August. (Photo by Rob Bray)


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