Overhead problems causes service suspension in Blackpool

An unseasonly warm and sunny April Saturday should equal lots of visitors to the seaside and for Blackpool that should hopefully mean higher passenger numbers than usual. Unfortunately on Saturday 21st April anyone wishing to travel for much of the day north of Bispham were left disappointed after overnight damage was caused to overhead between Bispham and Little Bispham.

The problem was first discovered at 0620 although no official word has been released as to what the damage was or what caused it. Initially Blackpool Transport operated a 10 minute service from Starr Gate to North Pier which was extended first to Cabin and then Bispham. This revised service was in place until around 1600 when the full route reopened after repairs were completed and trams were able to run all the way to Fleetwood Ferry again. A replacement bus and the no. 1 and 14 service buses were suggested as alternative modes of transport to get to Fleetwood.

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  1. Peter Watts says:

    It was reported locally as vandalism, someone tried to steal the overhead and caused significant damage.

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