The Trawler sails again!

Following a lengthy absence from passenger duties, the illuminated Trawler 737 has recently made a very welcome return to service in Blackpool. It may be remembered that the tram was re-launched last October following a refurbishment which included the fitting of stunning LEDs which change colour to stunning effect! However, after a few weeks the car vanished again due to some teething problems with its new lights and had barely been seen since then.

However, 737 has recently been treated to some expert attention and following the completion of this work, it was used for a private party on the evening of Thursday 7th September. Despite experiencing a few minor problems, the car was then released for normal traffic and took its place on illumination tours the next night alongside the Western Train 733+734 and Frigate 736. The tram has run every evening since and has unsurprisingly proved extremely popular with the public. It is to be sincerely hoped that the long-running problems with the Trawler are now at an end and hopefully, it will now enjoy regular and reliable operation for the remainder of the 2017 illuminations season, and then for many years to come.

737 is not the only tram to have made a welcome comeback on the Blackpool system lately – on Saturday 9th September, Brush Railcoach 631 was used on the daytime heritage service for the first time for about three months. It too had benefited from expert attention to cure some recurring electrical defects, and this will hopefully now allow it to participate in the tramway anniversary event on 23rd & 24th September, when the Brush cars will play a starring role in recognition of their 80th anniversary year. Indeed, as the illuminated Trawler is in fact a heavily rebuilt Brush car itself, its return to use is also very timely and hopefully it too will feature in the celebrations that weekend.

Trawler 737 at Pleasure Beach on 10th September. Alongside is car 718, acting as a shelter for waiting customers - a very welcome move on this very cold and windy evening. (Photo by Rob Bray)


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  1. Kevin says:

    Well done someone for having the thought to bring a shelter down! I’m sure many people will appreciate it if this continues.
    As for the Trawler, if I may be controversial, for all the hype I find it rather disappointing!

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