A new voice for Blackpool’s trams

Since their introduction into service in 2012, Blackpool’s Flexity2 tram fleet have “spoken” with the voice of Blackpool Transport’s Bryan Lindop. However, in recent weeks the recorded announcements on the trams have been updated with new voiceovers recorded by a local radio host.

Bryan’s clear voice has gained considerable acclaim, but presumably now that his role in the company solely involves looking after the heritage trams, it was decided to go with a new voice. As on the new Palladium specification buses, Radio Wave presenter Andy Mitchell has recorded the new announcements for the trams, informing passengers of upcoming stopping points and their ultimate destination.

Already quite a few people have voiced their sadness at missing Bryan Lindop’s voice, which speaks volumes not only about the quality of his announcements, but also how well thought of he is by enthusiasts and the general public alike. Whether his replacement will be thought of as highly in years to come, only time will tell!

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16 Responses to A new voice for Blackpool’s trams

  1. David Butterworth says:

    Oh, dear! This is the person who, briefly, took on the Presidency of the Fylde Tramway Society in 2010 and who messed up an evening quiz for members at the Cabin Tavern in the September. He was found wanting when delivering questions about Blackpool’s historic trams and gave the impression he knew little about them, making several mistakes when delivering the questions. I don’t suppose that it has any relevance to his new role, though. I remember him also for his ‘loud’ black and white striped jacket!

    • John Haines says:

      David, he didn’t just mess up the evening, he was positively insulting to those who took an interest in the tramway. He was a VERY poor advert for the FTS.

  2. John Haines says:

    I don’t suppose 600 has a customised announcement system which includes ‘WARNING – THE WIRES ARE DOWN, YOU SHOULD HAVE USED THE BAMBOO POLE’

  3. Christopher Callan says:

    Applaud the original decision to internally source a voice of someone who has consistently championed the company and the area as a whole. His charm and warmth & tireless work will be remembered long into the future. The quality of the audio announcements were recognised in the wider industry and indeed received praise from passengers grateful of avoiding the monotonous computer generated drone that many audio announcements inflict. Have very little to say about the new voice over local radio employee & BTS “PR Manager”. All i will say is the managements decision sanction any amount of time & money on projects of this nature will have unintended consequences. One obvious one been it will be no longer be tenable to plead poverty when front line staff approach negotiations surrounding pay.

  4. Chris says:

    This is also the guy who said that Heritage Trams would be nice in stanley park just not on the prom. It’s also very difficult to tell what he says, especially on the buses!

    • Christopher Callan says:

      Was before my time Chris as only really got involved with enthusiast community post upgrade but understand his comments in past life do cause some issues. Have yet to sample for any real length yet his audio announcements on the busses and now the trams so cant really comment on clarity in any depth.

  5. Tony Stevenson says:

    I for one would be pleased to hear no announcements at all.

    • Christopher Callan says:

      Incredibly useful mind. With % generally lost and just about struggle to find the Tower does really come into its element. Id not envy a guard having to shout through a crowded Flexity & thats without even considering value to visually impaired users. As it becomes norm suspect folk will just get use to audio announcements on public transport. Many busses fit it as standard now.

    • Clifford Stead says:

      I agree, we always managed in the past without all these intrusive announcements. A journey to Fleetwood with “Hold Tight Please” every 2 minutes is really rather tiresome, calling out key stops I can understand but this “Mind the Gap Syndrome” can be counter productive especially as most of the population are now wearing earphones anyway 🙂

      • John says:

        Yes we did when the largest Tram was a Jubilee and you could hear the Gurad calling the stops. On a packed Flexity they have a tough enough job just getting round the fares never mind get themselves heard the full length of an articulated Tram!

      • Nigel Pennick says:

        In England, that is. It’s nothing new really, as some conductors all over the country called out stops on the old tramway systems (as did bus conductors in some towns). 50 years ago in Amsterdam the driver called out the stops over the onboard PA system. I found it very useful.

  6. John says:

    Announcements are very useful! I’m sure those of of us who have been abroad and not a clue where we are have found them useful! I know the percentage of blind and partially sighted passengers like them. I must admit I tend to tune them out anyway, perhaps its because I’m usuallky talking and I know where I am!

    • Andrew Waddington says:

      I agree. Its easy to say they are not needed when you know Blackpool and the tramway well, but for lost tourists it must be invaluable to have the announcements. Personally I’m not that fussed who does the voiceover as long as they are clear and easy to understand, but for purely sentimental reasons I miss Bryan’s voice on the trams!

  7. Fylde Man says:

    Let’s keep Bryan Lindop voice on the Trams and also the buses,you can understand him,Andy Mitchell voice goes up and down like a yo yo and also tells you which stop you want to get off when the Tram or Bus has just passed the stop,he is rubbish,I say bring back Bryan the sooner the better.

    • Tommy says:

      The announcement happening after the bus/tram has passed the stop is hardly his fault, is it? That’s a problem with the synchronisation of the announcements.

  8. Fylde Man says:

    The new voice on the Trams calling out stops cannot pronounce the words properly,one issue is Thornton Gate,which in announcer says Fornton Gate.
    I think he wants some lessons in speaking his words properly.

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