Southport Pier tram removed

The chances of the Southport Pier Tramway being resurrected in the future now seems to be over with the articulated tram – introduced onto the line in 2005 – having this week being removed from the Pier with the Council planning to sell the vehicle as the operation of the tramway is not considered viable.

The current Southport Pier Tramway only started operation in 2005 using this twin section, articulated, battery powered tram manufactured by UK Loco Ltd but in 2013 serious structural problems were discovered on the support columns of the pier. The final decision to close the tramway was made in early 2015 and since then the batter powered vehicle has remained at the land end of the pier stored with a paper notice in the window telling any would be passengers it was not in service.

Sefton Council had made the decision that abandoning the tram service would help reduce wear and tear on the timber Pier deck. It was also thought that the costs to maintain the service outweighed the ability for it to create income.

So during the evening of Tuesday 22nd March the operation to remove the tram – split into two sections – commenced with both sections moved to a secure compound whilst the Council sell the vehicle. It was decided to remove the tram at night so as to provide a lower safety risk to pedestrians. It is expected that the tram will be sold for scrap.

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3 Responses to Southport Pier tram removed

  1. John Hibbert says:

    The car has actually spent the last twelve months sat at the seaward end of the pier outside the pavilion.
    Scope for a lighter more “heritage” style tram maybe?

  2. Stephen says:

    If any information on its sale is found can someone post it on here? It would make a lovely summer house for a tram enthusiast!

  3. Nigel Pennick says:

    Perhaps it will be used to replace the old tube trains on the Isle of Wight!

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