Good Friday gets even better in Blackpool

When the 2016 operating dates for Blackpool’s heritage tram service were first announced, Good Friday was a surprising omission. However, this has now changed for the better as an amended ‘blue’ timetable will now run on this day. The amendment involves a later start time than usual, allowing the trams in service to stay out later to allow for a very special treat to kick off the Easter excitement!

Good Friday falls on 25th March this year and will see a two car, twenty minute heritage service running on the promenade between 1300 and 1700. More interestingly, the trams will then run to Fleetwood during the evening at times to be confirmed. Although heritage cars to Fleetwood are now fairly commonplace, they rarely visit the northern end of the tramway this late in the day so this should be a very appealing prospect for the enthusiasts who are in town. The following three days will witness the usual ‘gold’ service with six different cars in use on each day, making Easter a great time to visit Blackpool if you want a fix of traditional tram action! The idea of evening running on Good Friday is a particularly inspired one as people often arrive in town on this day to enjoy the Easter weekend, so it should make a perfect start to what will hopefully be an excellent weekend.

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8 Responses to Good Friday gets even better in Blackpool

  1. Kev says:

    Does anyone know if 31 will appear over Easter? I’m sure I heard Easter saturday but can’t find a reference to it.

    • Andrew Waddington says:

      Nothing has been announced yet, but I’m sure there will be some news soon. Incidentally Saturday is probably the only day over Easter I can make it to Blackpool, so I’ve got everything crossed that what you’ve heard is accurate!

  2. Kev says:

    If it launches on Good Friday I think there will be a lot of upset people as Good Friday has only just been announced as a running day and a lot of people (myself included) have organised themselves and accommodation for the adverttised 3 days!

    • Roger says:

      Get over it, Friday is a bonus, unlucky if you cannot make it, a lot of people will be grateful.

      • Kev says:

        So its OK to launch a Tram on an unadvertised short notice event which people didn’t know about in advance?
        I’m not saying don’t run – I think its great, especially the Fleetwoods as I did wonder why there was no Good Friday in the first place! I’m saying keep your star for maximum exposure when people are already planning to come.
        That is a trick Beamish often miss as they don’t do first or last days and more people would come if they did! 147 for example ran on the Friday when it was supposed to be Saturday. Just silly little things like that do upset people and all these organisations need every penny and every friend they can get! I’m not meaning to sound negative – I’m saying don’t shoot yourself in the foot.

        • Andrew Waddington says:

          147 sprung to mind instantly when this debate flagged up… I was rather surprised that debuted in service at Beamish a day before a tram event which, in all honesty, didn’t really have much else going for it besides 147. I think arguably a trick has been missed in offering some sort of premium price ‘launch tour’ with 31 on Good Friday, but suspect now its too short notice to do that and get a decent attendance. That minor quibble aside, I’m sure it will be a real cash cow this season and hope the weather allows it to run frequently.

  3. Kev says:

    Interesting comment re a premium price launch tour. It worked with 167 as a farewell in 2014 but would it work with a car you can ride for the normal price the rest of the year and which has only moved location? 245 was a different kettle of fish in Birkenhead as it was the first ride for over 50 years.
    Food for thought, I suppose we wouldn’t know until someone tries it! It would be a happy medium I feel – a private tour by ticket on Friday and a proper ‘first’ day of general service on Heritage Saturday.

  4. Kev says:

    I see both our comments have come true! A launch on Sunday and a premium price first run. Strap me in as our railway friends would say! Well done BTS!!!

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