Santa goes to the seaside

Following a highly successful experiment last year, ‘Santa Specials’ are set to return to the Blackpool tramway on three consecutive Saturdays next month. On 5th, 12th and 19th December a half-hourly heritage tram service will operate between Pleasure Beach and Bispham, whilst the illuminated Western Train 733+734 will be stationed at North Pier acting as Santa’s Grotto, before working a single passenger trip at the end of the day.

On all three day, children and their parents will be able to meet Santa aboard the Western Train as well taking a ride on two of the heritage fleet. A special pricing structure of £5.50 for adults and £3 for children will entitle ticketholders to visit Santa on the Train where the youngsters will receive a gift and a soft drink, whilst grown-ups are entitled to a sherry and a mince pie. This very reasonable price also includes unlimited rides on two heritage trams which will run between Pleasure Beach and Bispham every thirty minutes from 1000 to 1600. For an additional £2 for adults or £1 for children, a ride on Western Train 733+734 is also on offer with the tram departing from the North Pier heritage tram stop at 1600 after completing its grotto duties on each day. Santa and his elves will stay on board for this single journey adding a bit of extra festive cheer to the event.

Alternatively, for those who are not so interested in sitting on an old man’s knee, the normal £10 heritage day pass will also be available which will offer unlimited rides on the heritage tours as well as travel on other Blackpool Transport tram and bus services that day.

Hopefully this latest venture from Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours will be another profitable one which should offer a winter treat to families and enthusiasts alike. It is also believed that some form of heritage service may operate on a few dates early in 2016, meaning that some of the traditional trams are likely to enjoy their busiest winter for many years, and ensuring that the interest in this system is kept alive throughout the year!

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4 Responses to Santa goes to the seaside

  1. John says:

    Erm hang on, seeing Santa is cheaper than not seeing Santa? Really? So pay £5.50 and ride all day whilst not taking Santa up on his offer or £10 to not bother seeing him. Anyone else confused?

    • Andrew Waddington says:

      I may have got it wrong but my interpretation was that the £5.50 fare doesn’t include travel on normal service trams and buses. I guess a £10 day ticket may also include the trip with the Western Train at the end of the day whereas the £5.50 doesn’t cover this.

    • Ken Walker says:

      If it was correct it wouldn’t be the only case. When I boarded a bus in Rochdale this morning to go to a hospital appointment in Bury and asked for a single ticket (as I would be able to use my bus pass for the return) the Driver told me that the single fare was £3.80 and a return ticket was £3.00! Needless to say the bus pass stayed in my pocket!

  2. Kev says:

    That would make sense, Santa plus Heritage but not modern Trams and buses for £5.50. Just don’t feel the posters were clear enough (physically as well as information contained)! I shall certainly be having a ride and I hope that the venture with the additional heritage is a success.

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