In Pictures: 675 goes solo

Recent work in Blackpool Transport’s Rigby Road workshops on returning Twin set 675+685 to a serviceable condition has focussed on the trailer car, which has spent several weeks in the Paint Shop. However, attention is expected to turn towards its partner 675 imminently and it was seen being shunted around the depot on 7th July in preparation for work to commence.

Whereas 685 is now at an advanced stage of being repainted in the 1970s style green and cream livery, 675 still retains the colourful red and yellow Metro Coastlines livery it has worn since 2005. The tram actually still looks quite smart despite having been stored in the depot since it last ran on the final evening of the 2011 season, but soon its cheerful red livery will be consigned to the history books and it will adopt a more traditional garb. Therefore, the chance to see the tram again before it moves into the Paint Shop was very welcome – but as nice as it looks, we can’t wait to see how it looks, along with 685, when it returns to use later this year!

A lucky sighting of towing car 675 all alone on the depot fan on July 7th, looking slightly lost without its trailer but still presenting a smart appearance, although it is unlikely to get to Cleveleys for a little while longer! (Photo by John Whitehouse)


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5 Responses to In Pictures: 675 goes solo

  1. Tony says:

    You might like to see a photo I took of 675 when in the paint shop in 2004:

  2. steve crompton says:

    There have been far worse “liveries” inflicted on Blackpools trams over the years, and many of them. In my view 675 looks quite presentable in this red and yellow outfit but, beauty is in the eye………….

    Nevertheless, it will regain its dignity when when returned to simple green and cream, the colours originally intended for it and all other cars between the 1930’s and 1970’s, and without hoops, swirls, diagonal lines, blots on the landscape etc.

  3. connor lowrey says:

    Pictures of 685 in green and cream have been released on the BHTT facebook page.

  4. John says:

    Always thought the Twins suited the Metro colours (much better than the deckers!) and hopefully one will be recreated in the future when Metro is enough of a distant memory to not cause confusion. Now Twins with fat doors and purple waves would have been a different thing altogether…………….

    • Peter says:

      After reading John’s comment I just had an image of a Towing car with 2 or 3 trailers in purple with fat doors……! Now that would have been interesting to see!

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