A chance to visit Fleetwood’s tram graveyard

The open storage site at Fleetwood fish docks which is occupied by a large number of Blackpool tramcars is normally strictly off limits to members of the general public, but at 1230 on Saturday 18th July a limited number of guests will be able to view these trams for the first time since they arrived there. 

The date chosen is the day before the Fleetwood Tram Sunday event, and has been purposely chosen to enable more enthusiasts who may wish to see these old friends again attend. As places are limited, it has been decided by the Fleetwood Heritage Leisure Trust – who own many of the trams in situ and are organising the event – that priority will be given to people from the south to offer visitors from further afield the opportunity to attend. Anyone who would like to see the trams must request an invitation to attend from the FHLT via their own website: www.tramtalk.co.uk. Please note that British Trams Online will not be able to forward on any requests for an invite.

Although welcoming enthusiasts to view their collection is a pleasing move by the Trust, it is slightly strange to see that they now seem to be referring to their storage facility as a tram graveyard. Further comments on their website stating that visitors should wear ‘sombre clothing’ and that flowers may be brought by mourners are presumably written at least partly in jest, but do not really give the many doubters of the organisation much reason for optimism regarding the future prospects of the trams in residence! Incidentally, as well as most of the trams owned by the FHLT the site is also now home to the four trams recently acquired from Merseytravel; Brush cars 625 and 637, and trailers 681 and 687. However, contrary to what has been stated by a more official source, Ex-Towing car 680 is definitely not stored there and is still safely housed at Heaton Park pending its imminent return to Blackpool for an operating loan!

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4 Responses to A chance to visit Fleetwood’s tram graveyard

  1. Peter says:

    I think anyone with some common sense can understand that the article on the TramTalk web page was written with some good “tongue-in-cheek” humour, which is a welcome relief in our hobby from the more recent commentaries on various subjects!

  2. Christopher Callan says:

    Whilst suspect don’t live South enough to be prioritised. Id rather support an organisation who welcomes anyone regardless of where they come from. Ill be supporting Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours “Green” Service on that day. Id urge others to do the same. Am sure Bryan and his team will put on a cracking show as usual.

  3. Paul says:

    Is Edwin going?

  4. edwin newton says:

    No Paul.I won’t be going to the “graveyard” as I will be probably involved in the farm “scene” that weekend.I’m sure those who are making that long journey up there from the South,will receive the usual Northern hospitality as always though.If you yourself manage to make it,enjoy the good ale in the Euston hotel.

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