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West Midlands Metro

Can you help? In tidying up this fleet list we have attempted to add dates of when each tram was delivered and entered service. Unfortunately although we have some of these dates when checking our records we have discovered that we don't have the information for a large number of the Urbos 3s. If you have the information missing below - or can correct any of these dates - we would be very grateful if you could email us at

To aid visibility of the current status of the trams on this fleet list the following colour coding is used:
Operational, Under Attention, Withdrawn (T69s)/Stored (not yet in service - Urbos 3s), Not Yet Delivered

Urbos 3 Trams

Built: 2013-15 (17-37) and 2021- (38-58) by CAF, Zaragoza, Spain
Seats: 80 (plus 170 standing)
Motors: 8 x 80kw (110 hp) traction motors (4 on each power bogie)
Power Conductor: Single Arm Pantograph

No. Delivery Date Acceptance for Service Batteries? Returned to service Livery Name Link
17 11th October 2013 23rd September 2016 Yes 19th February 2019 Blue Photo
18 15th November 2013 20th August 2014 Yes 20th April 2018 Blue Photo
19 16th January 2014 20th August 2014 Yes 24th May 2019 Blue - Marks Electrical adverts Photo
20 21st February 2014 20th August 2014 Yes 14th August 2019 Blue Photo
21 10th March 2014 27th August 2014 Yes 1st October 2018 Blue Photo
22 9th April 2014 27th August 2014 Yes 12th November 2019 Blue Photo
23 13th May 2014 27th August 2014 Yes 8th April 2019 Blue Photo
24 3rd June 2014 3rd September 2014 Yes 4th December 2019 Blue - Resorts World adverts Photo
25 24th June 2014 3rd September 2014 Yes 11th December 2019 Blue - OLA adverts Photo
26 1st July 2014 23rd October 2014 Yes 10th April 2020 Blue Photo
27 15th July 2014 15th January 2015 Yes 19th February 2020 Blue - OLA adverts Photo
28 29th July 2014 23rd April 2015 Yes 26th October 2018 Blue Jasper Carrott Photo
29 2nd September 2014 23rd April 2015 Yes 19th June 2019 Blue Photo
30 23rd September 2014 28th May 2015 Yes 3rd September 2019 Blue Photo
31 14th October 2014 15th January 2015 Yes 3rd July 2018 Blue Cyrille Regis MBE 1958-2018 Photo
32 4th November 2014 14th August 2015 Yes 11th December 2019 Blue - Brinleyplace adverts Photo
33 16th December 2014 4th June 2015 Yes 1st October 2019 Blue Photo
34 23rd January 2015 11th December 2015 Yes 11th November 2019 Blue Photo
35 13th February 2015 8th September 2015 Yes 11th December 2018 Blue Photo
36 13th March 2015 11th December 2015 Yes 1st August 2018 Blue Photo
37 7th July 2015 6th April 2016 Yes 4th February 2019 Blue Ozzy Osbourne Photo
39 28th April 2021 Yes n/a Blue

Those trams with adverts including full height vinyls on the centre section with above window adverts on the remaining sections of the tram.
17 was officially launched on Wednesday 16th October 2013 at Wednesbury Depot.
18 was the first of the trams to be fitted with batteries with the work being completed in Spain. It had left for Spain on Wednesday 18th January 2017 and returned to Wednesbury Depot on Friday 22nd September 2017.
The livery carried on 19 celebrates the 20th anniversary of the network. It features blue ends, full height vinyls on the centre section and above window vinyls on the remainder.
26 returned to service on 12th June 2019 following two years out of use after a derailment at the depot in June 2017. The tram spent six months at Wolverton Works for repairs between September 2017 and March 2018.
30 is currently out of service as a result of collision damage.
31 was named by members of Cyrille Regis' family at a ceremony held at Wednesbury Depot on 18th January 2019. It returned to service on 5th March 2020 following repairs to accident damage sustained in August 2019.
34 returned to service 4th April 2019 following repairs having not been seen in use since since 11th December 2018.
37 was named by Ozzy Osbourne at Corporation Street on 26th May 2016. The tram was returned to Spain on 17th October 2020 for repairs to take place.
Trams from 38 onwards were delivered with batteries fitted from new.

Thank you to Mark Cufflin, Dan Noon & Andy Walters for providing information contained on this fleet list.

This page was last updated on Saturday 1st May 2021

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