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Last Updated Sunday 20th November 2016

Birkenhead Heritage Tramway

With thanks to Andrew Waddington for his assistance with this fleet list.

No. Place Date Livery Status
20 Birkenhead 1900 Maroon & Cream Operational
28 Warrington 1902 - Under Restoration
43 Liverpool 1890 Maroon & Cream On Display - Taylor Street Depot
69 Birkenhead (Hong Kong) 1992 Blue & Cream Operational
70 Birkenhead (Hong Kong) 1992 Maroon & Cream Operational
78 Wallasey 1920 Lime Green & Cream Out of Service
245 Liverpool 1938 Green & Cream Operational
730 Lisbon 1930 Yellow & White Operational
762 Liverpool 1931 Maroon & Cream Out of Service
GKD317 Liverpool 1946 Green Operational

Warrington 28 is currently undergoing restoration at Taylor Street Depot, where it arrived on 24th July 2004. This is in fact Warrington 2 but a decision made by the MTPS membership in 2015 was that as it is to be restored to open balcony condition it should be given a new identity.
Liverpool 43 is currently stored at Pacific Road.
Wallasey 78 is currently undergoing a heavy overhaul and the body is lifted off its truck.
Liverpool 245 was launched into service on 12th September 2015 following an extensive and lengthy restoration funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.
Liverpool 762 is currently out of service awaiting workshop attention.
GKD317 is a Guy Tower Wagon which was originally used for maintenance of the tramway overhead in Liverpool before being used for lighting work.

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