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Beamish: The Living Museum of the North

To aid visibility of the current status of the trams on this fleet list the following colour coding is used:
Operational, Under Attention/Overhaul/Restoration, Stored/Withdrawn, On loan elsewhere

No. Place Date Built Livery Link
8 Leamington & Warwick 1880 -
16 Sunderland 1900 Crimson & Cream Photo
26 Grimsby & Immingham 1925 Green Photo
31 Blackpool 1901 Red, White & Teak Photo
49 Newcastle & Gosforth 1880 -
51 Gateshead 1900 -
52 Gateshead 1901 - Photo
65 Oporto 1933 Yellow & Black Photo
114 Newcastle 1901 Brown, Yellow & White Photo
196 Oporto 1935 Blue & Primrose Yellow Photo
264 Sheffield 1907 Blue & Cream Photo
513 Sheffield 1950 Cream & Blue Photo
749 Blackpool 1901 Unpainted

Leamington & Warwick 8 is an unrestored horse tram which became part of the Beamish collection in August 2012. The tram body is being used as part of the project to restore Newcastle & Gosforth 49.
Grimsby & Immingham 26 is in fact Gateshead 10 but was been repainted into its former identity for a limited period. The tram is currently under overhaul; recent progress has been to the compressor and controllers. The tram will eventually return to its Gateshead 10 identity following a repaint.
Newcastle & Gosforth 49 is a horse tram which is currently being restored at Beamish for eventual entry into service using parts from the other horse tram in the collection - Leamington & Warwick 8.
Gateshead 51 is a long term restoration project. The remains of the tram were transported to Beamish in October 2006 and it is planned to restore it into a fully enclosed single deck tramcar.
Gateshead 52 was delivered to Beamish on 7th January 2014 - its ownership having been transferred from the Tramway Museum Society. The tram will eventually be restored to operational condition.
Oporto 65 arrived at Beamish in September 2016 following its ownership change from Crich. It is a Coal Transporter and will eventually be mainly used on the driver experience. It is currently under attention to prepare it for commisioning and to see what work will be needed to overhaul the tram.
The livery carried by Oporto 196 is inspired by the South Shields colours of blue and primrose yellow. It is due to be withdrawn in early 2020 requiring overhaul.
Sheffield 513 is currently on loan at the East Anglia Transport Museum, Carlton Colville, having previously been on loan for 10 years in Blackpool.
Blackpool 749 is a Tower Wagon.

We are grateful to Gordon Bulmer & Trevor Hall for providing information contained on this fleet list.

This page was last updated on Sunday 8th March 2020

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